Choosing the right Inventory Management WMS Supply Chain Platform

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A decade ago, choosing the right Inventory Management WMS Supply Chain for your enterprise would require a 3 year look into the horizon.  You had to think into the medium term.  Several things have changed recently where the best and most prepared customers are adapting new approaches because:

  • The ERP is no longer a monolithic center of the universe. Instead, they are deploying systems that provide best of breed connected solutions in the cloud.
  • Shifting operational decisions to empowered remote works allows inventory to be reallocated in real-time, which drives better (OTIF) metrics
  • Our customers believe in offering the best UI experience for their mobile operators.  Our designs are built for faster training, faster fulfillment, and more engaged users.
  • The next tech disruption is here: The Microsoft Power Platform is the catalyst for a tech disruption like some of us witnessed in the 90's.

But not all verticals and industries are being driven by this change in the same way:

Common verticals driven by industry standards, regulatory and compliance criteria:

Common verticals driven by unique functionality:

  • Field Service – truck inventory with min/max supplies, job, service or work orders, projects, install, maintenance, and repair. Rapid deployment of new warehouses to enable site to site transfers.
  • Omni channel – driven by ecommerce, OPEN APIs for any ERP, Shopify, FBA, Amazon integration, shipping, and EDI connectivity.

Standalone – csv import and export templates are a great way to get started if you have a legacy ERP and you do not want to invest in integration in the short term.  This is also a great feature for your sandbox portion of your implementation, a way to instantly validate your workflows.

The Power Platform provides extensibility.  It allows you access to tens of thousands of resources as you continue to build your supply chain solution.  This allows you to seamlessly expand your supply chain needs at the same pace as your business growth.

A proven reliable implementation plan.  24/7 support.  White Glove support plans.  And a living document to describe all your processes are all keys to your scalable supply chain success.

The Power Platform provides Lego-like connectivity for adjacent supply chain needs such as:  EDI, ASN, Shipping, e-commerce, demand planning, procurement, manufacturing execution, labor management, yard management, transportation management (TMS), 3PL, customer portal, AI, machine learning, Power BI, cubing, chat bot, RPA – robotic process automation and more.

Each of these have a best of breed partner.  The Microsoft Power Automate platform is the tool that brings them all together.

You need look no further than the Microsoft Power Connector website for best of breed options for your Inventory Management WMS Platform.

When you select your Inventory Management WMS platform … you are investing in your Supply Chain future.  The Microsoft Power Platform provides the unlimited access to Power apps for you to scale to your future.

This extensibility opens your horizon much further than the 3 year mid-term, and perhaps more like the 10 year long term.  And perhaps the best news of all is that you can take steps today and protect your long-term future, preserving your ability to scale as your business grows.

Call or email today to learn how to get started.  Steve Dwyer 612-343-0404,

Steve Dwyer, Chief Revenue Officer

WithoutWire Inventory Sciences


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