Synchronize Sales Orders, Customer Data, and Inventory levels between Dynamics GP and Shopify

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Dynamics GP and Shopify can be game changers for Dynamics GP users looking to improve efficiency by streamlining their e-commerce operations. Syncing of Dynamics GP with Shopify integrates Master data including customer data, product information, inventory levels, and product information between the two systems. It also integrates transactional data including orders, fulfillment, invoicing, and payment. The solution help companies use Dynamics GP to reduce manual data entry. Also, it minimizes errors and gains a holistic view of their sales and inventory.

Order, Fulfilment, Invoice, and Payment

One of the most sought-after features of integrating Dynamics GP with Shopify is the ability to automatically synchronize sales orders. When a customer places an order on the Shopify platform, the order details including the shipping, tax, and payment information are sent to Dynamics GP in near real-time without the need for any manual data entry. The seamless data transfer between the two systems not only saves time but also reduces the risk of errors. This integration can also provide businesses with 360 degrees of visibility into important information like up-to-date order status and customer history, regardless of whether the order was placed in-store, online, or through a third party.

Customer Data

Another important feature of integration between Dynamics GP with Shopify is the synchronization of customer data. Transfer Customer Information such as contact details, payment information, and order history between the two systems. This information is incredibly useful for businesses. This allows the business to maintain a centralized database of customer information. As a result, business offers more personalized customer experiences and improve customer satisfaction.

Inventory Management

Inventory integration is one of the very critical integrations touchpoints. The inventory levels are dynamic and are continuously changing in the organization. The change in inventory information updates regularly on Shopify. This ensures that the customer only places the order of the items which are available in the inventory.

Real time inventory update from Dynamics GP to Shopify store is possible. This allows businesses to maintain accurate inventory levels and avoid overselling or stock outs. On the reporting side, the integration provides insights into product demand. This allows businesses to make informed decisions about inventory management and purchasing.

Product a Pricing

Product integration between Dynamics GP with Shopify is another powerful feature. This can be particularly useful for businesses, especially who constantly add and remove products from their webstore.

The Product Integration enables the businesses to manage product information in Dynamics GP, and the changes automatically reflects on the Shopify platform. The integration makes it easier for businesses to add and remove products, update pricing, and manage product promotions.


To conclude it suffices to say that integrating Dynamics GP with Shopify can provide a range of benefits for businesses who are interested in streamlining their e-commerce operations. By synchronizing sales orders, customer data, inventory levels, and product information, businesses can reduce manual data entry, minimize errors, and gain a holistic view of their sales and inventory. The efficiency brought into the business process through the eCommerce integration enables businesses to have more satisfied customers by providing provide a better customer experience. The improved process helps with better inventory management and the ability to make more informed decisions.

Therefore, businesses should consider Syncing of Dynamics GP with Shopify by integrating the two systems to improve efficiency and competitiveness in the market. x2x-eCommerce GP & Shopify Integration solution will be the best choice to achieve operational excellence.

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