Say Goodbye to managing entitlements manually when using D365 Project Operations

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The Power of Automated Project Subscriptions: Streamlining Operations, Improving Customer Experience, and More

As businesses look to transform to recurring revenue streams, subscription-based models have become increasingly popular. Companies are offering extended support plans, invoiced annually upfront, while customers receive a set number of hours or entitlements each month. Another example is a professional services company that charges a fixed monthly retainer with a predetermined work breakdown structure of allocated work. With so many scenarios, automating services-based subscriptions in a project context is critical.

The key to success with subscription-based models lies in streamlining operations and maintaining control over the transactional data they generate. This is where LISA Reach Operations comes in, offering a solution built specifically for project subscriptions and with in-built integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Project Operations. The app helps automate project subscriptions, streamline operations for project managers, and improve the customer experience by providing better status control on project subscriptions.

The benefits of automating project subscriptions go beyond just efficiency improvements and cost savings. With LISA Reach Operations, businesses can experience faster record-to-report cycles and better control over project subscriptions. This can lead to a better customer experience, with project managers having a full view of potential sales of contracts, and sales teams having the ability to manage each sales cycle from lead to upselling and cross-selling.

LISA Reach Operations also offers the added benefit of being able to process payments with payment providers like Direct Debits with GoCardless. This makes it easy to set up frequent automated payments based on actual time recorded or entitlements consumed.

Have you ever struggled with manually managing entitlements in your project-based subscriptions? Have you experienced frustration with slow and inefficient record-to-report cycles? Contact us to find our how to make this a thing of the past.

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