Is your outdated technology keeping you from properly managing your inventory?

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Distribution companies face several challenges related to inventory management, some of which include:

  1. Overstocking: Overstocking can lead to increased storage costs and reduced profitability. It can also result in obsolescence of goods and decreased cash flow.
  2. Stockouts: Stockouts can result in lost sales, dissatisfied customers, and damage to the company's reputation.
  3. Excess inventory carrying costs: Inventory carrying costs, such as storage, insurance, and financing costs, can be significant, especially if a company is holding large amounts of slow-moving or obsolete stock.
  4. Deadstock: Deadstock refers to inventory that has not moved for an extended period of time and is unlikely to sell. This can be a significant cost for distribution companies, as it ties up valuable resources and reduces cash flow.
  5. Product obsolescence: Technology and market trends can rapidly render products obsolete, making it difficult for companies to dispose of outdated inventory.
  6. Accurate forecasting: Accurately forecasting demand for products is essential for effective inventory management, but can be challenging, especially in fast-changing markets.
  7. Inventory visibility: Distribution companies must have real-time visibility into their inventory levels, so they can make informed decisions about what to stock, when to reorder, and how much to order.

Are you still managing inventory in spreadsheets?  Are you experiencing any of the above challenges?

Our consultants can work with you to optimize your systems and streamline inventory management by implementing solutions that give you the analytics you need!

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Executive sales expert with 30+ years of accounting background and deep understanding of business processes as they relate to lite manufacturing, distribution, specialty retail and hospitality.  During this time, I have focused on building “Clients for Life!”

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