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Inventory Request, Procure, Transfer – where supply meets demand … JIT

Field and Lab technicians along with manufacturing runners need easy and efficient tools for Just-in-Time inventory supply.  We want to keep them focused on what they do best.

Procurement needs real-time visibility to on hand, available to promise and incoming inventory with lead times.  They also need the proper tools to make good inventory supply meets demand decisions.

The WithoutWire Inventory Management WMS Platform brings digitally integrated supply chain solutions.  When combined with the Microsoft Power Automate platform you realize supply chain scalability well into your foreseeable future.

Let’s look at before and after use case examples to illustrate the value to your inventory operations:

Use Case #1:  I am a raw material runner for my production lines and I am running low on a key component which threatens to shut down my line.

Use Case #2:  I am a field technician doing installs and need a just-in-time supply of parts to my truck so I can complete my work without unnecessary return trips.

Use Case #3:  I am a bio-medical laboratory technician with a supply closet of essential inventory, masks, gowns, gloves, and specimen collection tubes.  Running out of critical supplies brings my work to a halt.

In all 3 use cases above, to simply automate the procurement and transfer of materials against mins and max quantities is a great start.

Peak seasons, no problem, you can easily adjust and/or override to satisfy the needs.  In the old ERP-centric world this was a very manual process and mostly guess work.  WithoutWire Inventory Management WMS platform is enabled by real-time data to deliver JIT supplies with full automation in a user-friendly, intuitive, modern interface.

Request Inventory or “get me my stuff” allows for one-off requests.  Think of it as an override to your new automation.  Given peaks and valleys in demand in the field, Inventory Requests set you up for an automated cross-dock of your critical materials.

When you request your inventory, you assign (allocate) your project/owner, and you are now set for a Receive at the main warehouse and an auto transfer, thus cross-dock, to your project destination.

By enabling WithoutWire Inventory Management WMS platform you now have a supply chain–centric operation that transforms the 3 use cases above as follows:

Use Case #1:  raw components flow JIT to my production lines/work cells so that even with the limited space in my staging area, I can accomplish a full days production run without shutting down the line.

Use Case #2:  As a field technician I am paid to do installs, not to be my own supply chain clerk.  The min/max automation means one trip to my installation jobs with everything I could possibly need, right on my truck.

Use Case #3:  As a bio-medical laboratory technician my experiments, trials and lab tests go un-interrupted due to a continuous flow of JIT materials that are critical to my work.

Your procurement team is also empowered through Microsoft Power BI dashboarding within WithoutWire’s KPIs.  Data is real-time, presented in impactful ways so that you always know where supply is needed to meet the demand.  Microsoft Power BI embedded in our web console dashboard provides a flashlight, or better, a spotlight on all of my inventory!

Procurement has longed for better tools:

  1. Is this item under allocation?
  2. Are their transportation cost considerations?
  3. Which method of delivery is fastest and most economical?
  4. Do I move replenishments through my hub or direct drop ships to my spokes?
  5. Or a combination of both methods - transfers and drop ships to the field?
  6. The need for real-time data on what inventory is “available to promise” to new orders is real …
  7. And now these methods are enabled through WithoutWire Inventory Management WMS Platform

Please call or email to learn more about how you can take command of your supply chain centric workflows @

Steve Dwyer, Chief Revenue Officer
WithoutWire Inventory Sciences

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