Dynamics 365 Brewery Management Software for the Southeast’s Largest Independent Brewery

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Highland Brewery found its solution with VicinityBrew Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, a scalable brewery management software system from Vicinity Software.

Highland Brewing is a regional company brewing various beers for distribution in North and South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia. Highland Brewing began in 1994 and has grown to be the largest independent, family-owned brewery native to the area. The owners wanted to harness technology that would streamline their operations while they continued to craft and distribute their specialized products. They wanted brewery management software that would integrate seamlessly into their ERP accounting system. They were also looking for an efficient way to save recipes, log their consumption of raw materials, and track completed batch runs.

Megan McArthur, Highland Brewing’s Accounting and Production Data Specialist, shared her company’s reaction to their new software:

“VicinityBrew has streamlined our raw material and finished goods tracking and keeps our inventory levels up to date, which saves us on labor to track that manually. It also allows us to track batch yields and identify/troubleshoot variances in our production processes, which helps us continue improving our production efficiency.”

Determined to find a solution that would integrate seamlessly with their Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting system, Highland Brewing investigated several software solutions and found none that integrated as efficiently as VicinityBrew

The Vicinity Software team examined every aspect of Highland Brewery’s business. They connected departments across finance, sales, production, and distribution with a feature-rich cohesive, centralized system. From managing raw materials to creating a complete cost breakdown, VicinityBrew gives Highland the tools and flexibility to meet the rapidly changing demands of the brewing industry.

How VicinityBrew built on Dynamics 365 has streamlined brewery management

  • Simplified data entry
  • Sophisticated lot tracking for some or all ingredients
  • Detailed quality check log
  • Improved costing analysis
  • Real-time material usage for increased inventory accuracy
  • Centralized formula management 

Brewery management success with Dynamics 365

“Vicinity offers a comprehensive brewery software solution tailored to your specific needs. Vicinity has been a great partner to Highland over the past 17 years.”

As crucial as the first-class technology that has streamlined Highland Brewery’s operations is the personalized attention that Vicinity Brew continues to provide.

Vicinity is a smaller, more agile company, so Highland can reach out to anyone on the Vicinity team whenever assistance is needed. Vicinity’s annual FOCUS event allows end-users from all over the country to come together to learn, share tips & tricks, network, and have a great time together.

Vicinity is constantly working to improve our software solutions with quarterly updates based on user feedback. Our attention to customer experience and ongoing innovation earns the loyalty of our clients.

Vicinity Software loves working with clients to meet and exceed their individual software needs. Our goal is to make software that is easy to use, responsive, and meets the needs of breweries of all sizes. Whether you use Microsoft Dynamics or another accounting system, we’ll work for you. We want to help your brewery make strategic decisions and set future goals, driving growth every step of the way.  If you’d like to learn more about VicinityBrew software or schedule a demo, contact our brewing industry experts at Vicinity Software.

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