Netstock and Dynamics GP Deliver Outstanding ROI for Manufacturers - A Case Study

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Are you a manufacturer concerned with inventory control, customer fulfillment, and business efficiency that leads to long-term success? You'll be interested to hear how Netstock and Microsoft Dynamics GP delivered those benefits to Netstock customer Davey Textile Solutions.

Davey Textile Solutions manufactures reflective and protective textiles for the global oil & gas, forestry, and first responder industries. The company started with a sales tracking system and spreadsheets to calculate replenishments. That system was sufficient for a small business with few SKUs and simple inventory, but as they grew, they needed more. As orders increased, they needed help with long lead times, excess stock, and planning and forecasting for raw materials. That's when they approached Netstock.

Supply chain challenges Solved with Dynamics GP

According to Murray Tairnay, Purchase Manager, "When we started with Netstock in January 2022, we had $3.8 million in surplus orders. Eleven months later, that was under $1 million on 19 items."

When their largest vendor suffered enormous supply disruptions, extended lead times were a significant challenge for Davey Textiles. With Netstock for their Microsoft Dynamics GP, they can now plan around longer lead times. The Netstock app suggests what additional orders they should place to prevent stock-outs. And with the ability to classify stock by value and velocity, they can achieve a more balanced inventory.

BOM and production scheduling with Microsoft Dynamics GP

With complete visibility of sales orders, Davey Textiles now knows which machines must run for each product. The BOM function lets them know the materials they must purchase to produce their various products.

Before using Netstock, their customer fill rate was 89%. With Netstock, it's currently 95%. They are delighted with the Netstock solution.

Netstock for the win

Davey Textiles' Production Manager did not have a supply-chain background, so before implementing the app, he took the Netstock certification exam, which revealed the specific gaps in his knowledge. After the training and a brief period of using Netstock, he retook the exam and passed with flying colors. Next, he presented Netstock to his sales team, as the app would also impact their jobs. Now that they all know what information about excess stock or obsolete items the app generates, they can offer suggestions on what promotions to run.

Davey Textile Corporation is delighted with the capabilities of the product and with the Netstock team.

Dynamics GP helps manufacturers make faster supply chain planning decisions

Netstock's supply chain planning software unlocks operating cash and increases visibility across your business. Quickly respond to change and access powerful intelligence by leveraging data directly from your ERP.

Netstock and Microsoft Dynamics ERP for manufacturing

Unlock your supply chain data with Netstock and Microsoft Dynamics. Netstock extracts and analyzes the data in your Microsoft Dynamics ERP, creating prescriptive recommendations to make intelligent supply chain planning decisions for your business.

Contact our Netstock experts for a personalized demo of our powerfully simple inventory optimization suite. Let's talk about your unique inventory and supply chain challenges — and identify how Netstock can help you drive key business objectives.

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