Microsoft Dynamics GP in 2023

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Microsoft Dynamics GP in 2023

First of all, Dynamics GP 18.5 (aka GP 2023) was released this past October 2022. (GP Roadmap at the bottom of this post). For those who are already on the Microsoft modern lifecycle with Dynamics GP 18.2, 18.3 or 18.4, an update to Dynamics GP 18.5 is relatively quick and simple. 

For some clients, your 2023 GP upgrade can be done as an in-place update with a half-day of effort. However, when updating from an older version of GP, or if you have a number of 3rd-party ISV applications or more regimented testing requirements, then a more traditional GP upgrade may need to be scoped out.

If you recently did a year-end GP Payroll update then you are already on the latest Microsoft Dynamics GP 18.5 (GP 2023).

Some highlights - What's New in Dynamics GP

  1. From a technical perspective, GP 18.5 drops support for the older SQL Server 2014 database. GP 18.5 Supports Windows 11, Windows Server 2022, and the SQL Server 2022 database. Please note that Windows Server 2019 and 2022 no longer support VBA customizations that may have been made in the past as part of your Dynamics GP configuration.

Dynamics GP 18.5 2023 System Guide

  1. GP: Added User Requested Improvements
    1. Print or email Cash Receipts documents
      o This is setup as both a Report Writer report and as a Word form, so the Cash Receipt can be assigned specifically to a customer. Then, when you enter a cash receipt transaction, you can print the form or email it directly to the customer.
      o Note: If there are thousands of Customer IDs, the navigation list will take a long time to load. Be proactive and regularly inactivate old Customer records. Then you can add a restriction to the Customers Navigation list on the top menu to Exclude Inactive Customers and only load the Active customers for the change.
    2. Print and Email POP Documents at the same time
      o When you select to Send in E-mail, you can mark either Print a Copy or Print Remaining for the Print Options. Not marking either selection will only e-mail those documents that can be e-mailed. Marking Print a Copy will print all the documents selected for the process but will only e-mail those documents that are setup to be e-mailed.
      o Marking Print Remaining will e-mail the documents setup to be e-mailed and print any documents that are selected for the process but weren't setup to be e-mailed.
    3. Users can change the sort for the Account Category Lookup and Search
      o You now have the ability to change the sort for the Account Category Lookup. And you can search within the lookup itself to more easily find the Account Category you want to use.
      o Added type ahead and find to Account Category Lookup
      o Added a View option in lookup for All Categories or Category Description.
      o Category lookup now defaults to Category Description if the user types in part of the Category before opening the lookup.
    4. Download the full Microsoft New Dynamics GP Systems Features PDF

Roadmap Dynamics GP 2023


Happy NEW YEAR and have a great 2023! /

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