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How Hazardous are Cyber Threats?

Data security is the key area your company should focus on when the digital landscape is rife with cyberattacks and data thefts. With the advent of the new normal since the pandemic and more remote workplaces, the IT infrastructure should meet the need of the hour. Based on the findings of Gartner, the worldwide data security market was anticipated to touch a whopping $170.4 billion last year.

Businesses don’t seem proactive when it comes to enhancing their security exposures and they’re susceptible to information, malware, phishing, and password attacks. This is quite evident as per the reports of RiskBased showing 36 billion data were vulnerable owing to data breaches in the initial two quarters of the previous year. So, it’s high time that your organization takes immediate steps to perform routine threat assessments, and that must include examining data for an uncommon activity or changes related to access patterns. The experts in the industry, therefore, suggest you do a reality check of data on a quarterly, weekly, or monthly basis to prevent hackers from stealing your sensitive data and manipulating the same.

Fight Cyber Hackers with Microsoft 365 Security

In 2023, cybersecurity is under the scanner because almost 68 percent of entrepreneurs are concerned about their information security. Human error, obsolete systems, and the dearth of powerful security strategies when using third-party applications leave your workplace exposed to attacks with weak security systems and firewalls. So, businesses need to be taking the initiative to fight cyber hackers and embrace Microsoft 365 Security for ensuring workplace security and productivity.

Microsoft 365 Intelligent Security

Switch to Microsoft 365 intelligent security for identity protection that’s your company’s basis for safe access to devices, applications, and information. Powered with a myriad of avant-garde tools, the platform will help in supporting your security operations department to identify risk information when it comes to the extensive digital footprint, and automating threat security.

What Microsoft 365 Intelligent Security Offers?

MS 365 offerings include:

  • Recognize and access management to safeguard users’ identity as well as access control to critical resources
  • Data security to ensure confidential documents and emails are visible solely to approved users
  • Safeguard and recuperation from threats in an event of any cyberattack
  • Security management shedding visibility as well as control of security tools

In-Built Intelligent Security

Businesses embrace Microsoft 365 for multiple reasons including:

  • Lowers the number of seller touchpoints because it ensures complete security
  • Native security components lessen implementation times
  • Helps to reduce TCO because every product is developed for simple incorporation and scalability
  • Supports third-party apps, platforms, services, as well as other security tools
  • Liberty to work from any device and anyplace
  • Provides risk protection by offering valuable insight from loads of security-linked indicators on the Intelligent Security Graph

MS 365 Intelligent Security Graph

Final Thoughts

As per Proofpoint in the year 2019, approx. 88 percent of businesses did witness attempts concerning spear-phishing. So, with cybersecurity being the need of the hour, companies are now keen on associating with security experts who can help meet the varied requirements related to installing security systems and developing failsafe security strategies.

We at Korcomptenz, a Microsoft Gold Partner provide businesses with cost-effective and customized security applications ensuring safety and benefit to your company. Our security professionals make the best use of their technical expertise to address information security as well as cloud device management challenges. To facilitate intelligent security in your business, request a free consultation today.




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