How to choose a recurring billing payment gateway

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With the mass adoption of recurring billing in almost every industry, it’s become essential to get every stage of the billing process automated and streamlined. Customers expect an integrated payment portal where they can easily make changes to their accounts and download invoices whenever they want to cross-check payments.

Unfortunately, many companies fail to meet this expectation and rely on emails, phones and more old-fashioned methods to collect recurring payments. On our blog, we provide a checklist for the best recurring billing payment gateways, where we cover the critical talking points and list the features most critical when shopping for the right solution.

Here’s a summary of the most critical payment gateway features:

  1. Integrates with your fintech stack and other recurring billing software
  2. Accounts for many different payment methods and card types
  3. Consider a merchant account where payments are stored pre-approval
  4. Ensure the solution supports multiple currencies
  5. Look for gateway providers that offer 24/7 customer support
  6. Usability is key, so make sure the gateway is user-friendly
  7. Vendor should provide clear and transparent information about fees

If you’d like to explore more about any of these payment gateway features, please visit the complete blog, where we break each one down, giving you an overview of why it matters, as well as key elements of the feature that should be the focus of your attention.

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