How businesses can take benefit of Business Central Security?

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How businesses can take benefit of Business Central Security?The security of IT systems has long been a source of concern. And those IT teams who use on-premises software face a number of challenges on a regular basis. You may control which objects or tables a user can access within each database by using the Dynamics 365 Business Central security system. Also, you may define each user’s access to these objects and tables, such as whether they can read, change, or enter data.

Whereas, you can also select which records are stored in the tables and which users have access to them. This means that permissions can be assigned at the table and record levels.

Levels of security in Business Central

In Business Central, there are four levels of security:

  • Database
  • Company
  • Object
  • Record

The security system stores data about the permissions provided to each user who has access to a specific database.

This data comprises the roles that the users have been assigned, as well as any rights that they have provided to specific users. Also, this benefits your entire team and company. With Office 365, you can work with your colleagues – share with anybody, edit together, discuss changes, and get things done faster.

Database Safety

When you implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the first layer of protection is database security. Your credentials are validated once you launch Microsoft Business Central and attempt to open the database.

Company Safety

After gaining access to the database, you can select the company with which you want to collaborate.

Object Safety inDyn365BC

When you create a firm in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the security system determines your capacity to access information. The set of permissions on Business Central objects that comprise a permission set is referred to as object-level security. Also, permission sets govern user access and the tasks that users can carry out on database objects.

Record Safety

Record-level security allows you to restrict a user’s access to data in a table. In Microsoft Business Central, you can implement record-level security by establishing security filters on table data. A security filter is a group of records in a table that a user has access to. You can, for example, declare that a user can only view records containing information about a specific customer. This means that the user will be unable to access records containing information about other customers.


According to the reports, the number of people working from home will increase in the coming years. As a result, the rise of cloud-based solutions will increase security threats. Having a robust solution, such as Dynamics 365 Business Central, will help you not only in the improvement of your company’s security but also in its general performance.

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