VicinityChem Add-on for Dynamics 365 ERP for Chemical Manufacturers Improves Quality Control

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Crowley Chemical streamlined quality control with the VicinityChem Dynamics 365 Add-on

Crowley Chemical had worked with extremely complex spreadsheets for many years, an error-prone system that hampered collaboration.  Can a large chemical manufacturer see the benefit of a dedicated process manufacturing software solution? Indeed it can. Crowley Chemical, founded in 1920, produces and markets ‘aromatic’ oil blends (petrochemicals) whose primary use is as polyurethane extenders for their clients. They’re also a long-time player in coal tar-derived products, serving the needs of many other market segments, including roofing, oil field products, and refractories. They have multiple locations throughout the United States.

While Crowley had advanced significantly by implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, they still lacked the necessary functionality to gain full control over their chemical production processes.

VicinityChem focus uses Dynamics 365 for the following chemical business and processing functions:

  • Track raw materials and formulas
  • Capture and record quality information
  • Mine data to generate several types of reports, including certificates of analysis
  • Eliminate manual labor duplication errors and inefficiencies
  • Control costs

Would you like to know how the VicinityChem integration helped Crowley Chemical improve quality control, simplify operations, and easily produce certificates of analysis while reducing waste and inefficiencies? Have a look at the case study on our website. Then connect with our team to learn how VicinityChem can help you gain control of your internal processes and realize similar gains.


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