5 Benefits of ProMRO: MRO ERP Software for Dynamics 365

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ProMRO is Game Changing MRO ERP Software for Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Customers

For years, ProMRO has been a significant game changer for our customers running their maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations. It's a complete, modern and fully integrated MRO ERP software solution. We are excited to report to our Microsoft community that ProMRO is now available for Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management (Dynamics 365) customers. Now Dynamics 365 MRO industry customers with operations like heavy equipment, aviation and other similar MRO and repair shops can take advantage of the powerful benefits of ProMRO. Learn how ProMRO helps you streamline your operations across multiple departments with robust features and capabilities for sales, shop floor, inventory controls and finance to help improve efficiency, productivity, standardization, cost savings and predictability with ProMRO and Dynamics 365.

5 Benefits of ProMRO MRO ERP Software for Dynamics 365 Customers

The real value of ProMRO is that your routine Sales, Operations, Production and Finance processes are linked from start to finish. More details are available in our ProMRO and D365F/O PDF Factsheet. Here are 5 ProMRO benefits that make it an ideal solution for growing mid-market and enterprise MRO companies. ProMRO works with the inherent Dynamics 365 functionality and pairs it with MRO ERP software designed specifically for MRO's unique requirements. This combination allows MRO companies to utilize the robust supply chain inventory management functionality, project tracking and traceability, global financials and manufacturing all included in the Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain ERP solution.

1. Boost Sales Productivity

ProMRO empowers you to efficiently move from the quote through sales to post-sales support. All activities are visible to your sales, customer service and shop floor teams. Your contacts, communications, and activities are conveniently accessible within the system. Your team can have a clear view of all activities with a customer and/or prospect through the lifecycle of the sale including shop quotes and approvals. Your customer service team will find the 360-degree view of the customer (including their job and equipment history) especially helpful for pre and post-sales support. The ProMRO Sales Operations benefits include:

  • Full Account, Contact and Quote Management
  • Quote workflow streamlines estimate requests from any department that provides input or approvals
  • Improve accuracy and quote speed
  • Track, inquire, and view customers’ equipment history as well as record user-defined engineering values
  • Satisfy every customer quote format with easy editing for simple and complex jobs
  • Templates to include the services you offer
  • Approval-controlled templates can be comprised of unlimited labor and parts
  • Quick functionality to process parts-only sales
  • Easy transformation of estimates to sales for small jobs
  • Complete pick/pack/ship workflow to fulfill orders and track back orders
  • Integrated Document Management
  • KPI, Reporting and Dashboards
2. Improve Operational Efficiency

Once a quote is transformed into a project in ProMRO, you get unparalleled transparency to both the shop floor and the customer. ProMRO includes defined Service Profiles so your time estimates, labor types, material estimates and miscellaneous expenses are already planned out. The shop floor will know what was sold and what services need to be accomplished by having clearly defined tasks (task cards for aviation) to be followed within a project to monitor the budget in real time. You will be able to easily identify whether a task was started, how long was spent on it, who charged the time, and when.

Service Profiles functionality includes the following benefits:

  • Templates to standardize how you quote work
  • Services can be priced at standard or customer-specific rates
  • Accurate costs of Services allow you to profitably price your work
  • Prospect-friendly quote language can be added to each service
  • Activities can include labor, materials, and miscellaneous expenses
  • All required tasks, time estimates, and actuals are clearly visible
  • Dashboards help monitor your profitability by service type, equipment type, make and model
  • Dashboards help identify problems quickly to help prevent any costly end-of-job surprises
  • Track services and profits in real-time
3. Powerful Inventory ControlProMRO and D365E (350 × 350 px) yellow copy

ProMRO gives you full control to meet a variety of circumstances for you and the customer with the following benefits:

  • Inventory tracking with full traceability for serialized and batch-control inventory
  • Inventory tracking for multiple warehouses, types of warehouses and even customer or subcontractor locations
  • Avoid inventory obsolescence by defining the date controlled (log expiration dates)
  • Reporting to show inventory aging reports and other reports to show locations, quantities, values and more
  • ProMRO supports non-stock items and kits
  • Implement the full Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain warehouse management module for complex warehouse scenarios
4. Simplify Production Management

If your business includes discrete, process, lean and mix-mode manufacturing, ProMRO is fully integrated with the Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Production control module with cost accumulated under the main project/work order.  Having production management within your ERP also allows for the support of multiple lines of business which is important for the enterprise customer.  Multiple companies, currencies, and lines of business are all available with Dynamics 365 and ProMRO.

  • Bills of Materials and Routers
  • Purchase and production orders linked to the job for tracking, costing and profitability calculations
  • Replenishments are automatically calculated through Material Requirements Planning (MRP) to schedule purchase and production orders
  • Accurate forecasts
5. Integrated Finance

Since ProMRO gives you the ability to control how the invoice was created, you can keep track of the funds needed behind the scenes for invoicing services. ProMRO helps you streamline your accounting with:

ProMRO Resources for More Information:

  • Are you ready to learn more about ProMRO?  Visit our webpage
  • Are you ready for a ProMRO demonstration? Contact Us
  • Read the ProMRO and D365F/O PDF Factsheet
  • Watch the ProMRO and D365F/O demonstration here:


ProMRO Customer Testimonials

Here are two notable success stories are the following among others.

Sulzer - “After our successful Houston implementation of Dynamics AX, Sulzer has since utilized Clients First for our other service facilities in the United Kingdom, Argentina, Australia, Indonesia and The Netherlands.” - Glenn Doerksen VP of Operations – Sulzer

(Update: Clients First is in the process of upgrading Sulzer’s rotating equipment division with Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain. The kernel has been completed in the Houston location and we are currently rolling out ProMRO to other locations across the globe.)

RAM Aircraft Corporation - “Our customers are the airplanes. With Dynamics MRO’s serial number tracking software, each aircraft’s serial number is tracked through the system. This is extremely important to aircraft owners. I have and will continue to recommend Dynamics ProMRO powered by AX. We found it very easy to use and customize to our needs. We’re extremely happy with the 24/7 support, remote assistance and the fair price we received from Clients First Business Solutions” - Brian Adamik, CEO, RAM Aircraft Corporation

Rely on a Microsoft and MRO ERP Expert

Clients First consultants have direct experience in the industries we support. The Clients First Texas office is known for its vertical expertise in manufacturing, job shops, maintenance, repair, and overhaul - MRO ERP software for aviation or heavy equipment organizations. We have customers in other industries, too, including make-to-order/engineering job shops, project manufacturing, field services, and wholesale distribution.

Nothing replaces a live presentation so please contact us to schedule a demonstration for your business. We support ProMRO with leading Cloud ERP solutions Acumatica and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply. We also support Dynamics 365 Business Central and have a deep knowledge of legacy ERP solutions like Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) and Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision).

We’re a Microsoft Gold ERP Partner, a Certified Cloud Service Provider (CSP), and an Acumatica Gold Partner.

Email our office in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, or call  800.331.8382. We're based in Dallas, Texas while servicing companies worldwide.

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