Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales: Which Version Fits Your Company?

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If you've been researching ERP solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365  has undoubtedly made it to the top of your shortlist. But there are multiple offerings from Microsoft for you to consider.

In addition to Finance features, Microsoft Dynamics 365 also includes a Sales/CRM component that you should include in your evaluation of a complete Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution.

Choosing the Right Dynamics 365 System for ERP and CRM

When you started out, you probably made do with the bare bones. You had email and Excel and maybe an introductory sales solution. As you grow, you'll want your business process tools to be more advanced. This would be a great time to upgrade to a more efficient, comprehensive solution for your sales team.

A decade ago, Microsoft adopted the concept of solution selling, and the software offerings available today result from that strategy.  Microsoft has listened to its customers, understood their needs, and responded with four different sales solutions: Professional, Enterprise, Premium, and Relationship Insights.

Each solution addresses different needs. The details will help you determine which is best for your company.

We'd like to show you what Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales has to offer.

1. Dynamics 365 Sales Professional

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Professional is an excellent solution for organizations needing basic sales process capabilities. The solution supports lead and opportunity management and provides basic product, price list, quote, order, and invoice workflows.

This module will be a good fit if you need only minimal or no changes to the out-of-the-box software. Sales Professional requires minimal project setup but still provides excellent sales functionality.  Smaller sales organizations or those with limited needs will benefit from this solution.

2. Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise

Sales Enterprise has all the capabilities in Professional plus a more customizable environment and more advanced sales tools. Tools include sales goals, forecast management, complex product hierarchies, custom tables, forms, and views.

Companies with an established sales team will find Sales Enterprise easy to adopt. It's also a viable solution for organizations looking for ongoing feature enhancements. Microsoft continually releases new features as customers request them.

3. Dynamics 365 Sales Premium

Sales Premium builds on the features available within Sales Enterprise, but customers can also opt for native artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Using AI for forecasts, pipeline analysis, and product analysis, you simplify data collection and maximize the value of data outputs.

Companies that recognize AI as no longer a want but a requirement for their overall sales strategy will appreciate this solution.

4. Dynamics 365 Relationship Sales

Microsoft Relationship Sales supplies all the capabilities of  Sales Enterprise paired with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to support organizations that grow via connections and relationships. It provides your sales team with LinkedIn capabilities, such as InMail, for improved lead generation.

Additional insights—for instance, when a contact switches companies —can play into your overall sales strategies. Companies that build relationships to support sales will benefit from this offering.

How to decide which Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales version is best for your business.

  1. Why does your organization need a new sales management solution? Without clearly defining your needs, it will be impossible to choose the best solution.
  2. What are the essential features you're looking for?
  3. What is your company's timeline? Are you looking for a quick implementation time, low implementation costs, ease of use, ongoing feature development, or a combination of all four?
  4. Do you have the personnel to manage a software project?
  5. Is your organization in a discovery phase?
  6. Do you need to upgrade before another year of licensing renews on your current solution?
  7. Do you have time available from your SMEs to provide business-process education to a consultant?
  8. How much time per week can your team commit to an implementation project?

All these questions and more come into play when deciding on software.

Consult a Microsoft Partner for Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM

You have many options as you search for the best solution to meet your sales team's needs. Microsoft has several solutions to fit your company's unique requirements.

Research is the best place to start. The next step is to get in touch with someone who can show you the software and what it can do for your team.  Reach out to our Western Computer experts for a guided discussion of your business needs and a tailored look at the complete Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution and how it could work for your business.

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