How to Create Workflows in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central includes templates for the most common workflows. Under ‘Workflow Templates’, you’ll notice the out of the box pre-defined templates that cover most of what you might need. The ones that are used most often are Purchase Quote Approval Workflow, Purchase Order Approval Workflow, Purchase Invoice Approval Workflow and Journal Entries workflows.


If you click on the workflow, you can see the workflow steps. You can customize or configure the workflows based on requirements. The template itself cannot be edited, but you can create a new one from the template and then edit it to customize by going to Workflows > New > New Workflow from Template > Select the template you want.

The screenshot below shows the Purchase Quote Approval Workflow. By ‘On Condition’ it means that when this step happens, do this action ‘Then Response’. You can change a few configurations here like define the approval hierarchy (user based or purchaser code) or define notification emails.

Purchase Quote Approval Workflow

Usually, I change the ‘Add record restriction’. The line, Create an approval request for the record using approver type Approver and approver limit type Approver Chain, you can change it to be a Salesperson/Purchaser or Approver. If you select Salesperson, it means that when you're creating the quote you can select who that first person is by choosing them as the purchaser code. This is good when you've got a lot of different requesters or you just you want to send it to different people and not just the user who's entering it. It is more like a centralized approach - an admin creating quotes for many departments. So, they have to pick which department it goes to.

Approver is more of a decentralized approach - maybe you got an admin in every department, and it is always going to go to that person's supervisor. They wouldn't have to pick a purchaser code; they would just go to whoever their approver is in the setup.


The other thing that I sometimes change is add a notification for when it's final approved under the ‘Remove record restriction’. You can add a notification here for the sender (this would be whoever created the request) and also add a notification to a specific user. So basically, once this quote is approved, it'll go to the person who clicked it for approval as well as the user.

add a notification

You can activate the workflow by turning on the Enabled Toggle.

After you create a workflow, you also have to set up approval users. It can be done in the ‘Approval User Setup’ screen. Anybody who is going to be receiving a request for approval must be listed on this screen. If you are using the purchaser code to route it, there also has to be a purchaser code assigned for each user. For more details, on approval user setup, view this blog post.

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- By Jason Ochipa, Tensoft, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner

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