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Are you considering a new finance system for your business? No doubt you have questions. When it comes to Dynamics 365BC (Business Central), Microsoft Dynamics' cloud-based ERP solution, we have answers.

We work with small business executives worldwide and notice they share many of the same concerns. We've listened to their questions and elicited answers from our experts. We've gathered these FAQs into a new eBook where you can find the answers  to your questions about Dynamics 365BC, including:

  • Is Business Central suitable for my company?
  • Will I pay more than I'm paying for my current solution?
  • What are the hidden costs and additional fees?
  • How do you deal with project delays?
  • Will a standardized implementation really work for my business?

Fixed price for Dynamics 365 BC implementation

Changing your company's accounting system is a big job for any CEO or Controller. We've all heard horror stories about ERP implementation projects that have gone over time, over budget, or failed. There had to be a better way.

At Bam Boom Cloud, we do things differently. We make implementing accounting systems fast and affordable. We simplify Microsoft cloud technology with our fixed-price, fixed-scope packs, keeping costs low and getting you live in record time.

And we want to help you understand how the right ERP solution system can grow with your business so that a system change can be a one-time thing.

Are you frustrated with your current ERP solution? Are the headaches and limitations starting to outweigh the benefits? That's a good indication that you need a change. Do your research. Visit our website, Bam Boom Cloud, and read posts here on the ERP Software Blog discussing the features of Dynamics 365BC.

If you decide that Dynamics 365 Business Central is the best solution for your company, you'll want an experienced Microsoft partner to help with the implementation

Not all partners have the same approach, and this is where some critical questions arise - the ones we cover in detail in our new eBook.

Our approach to Microsoft Business Central installation

Bam Boom Cloud's approach is designed specifically for small businesses. We recommend starting small with just the system basics; you can add extra functionality as your business grows. No matter what industry you are in, there is rarely a need for scoping or complex development while your business is small. Read the eBook for full details about  Business Central's scalability and the advantages of our standardized implementation method. You can also take our Quiz to see if your business would benefit from our Kickstart implementation. Kickstart can have a small business up and running on Dynamics 365BC in as little as a week.

What about the costs of Dynamics Business Central set up?

We understand that the bottom line counts. It's important to know upfront what a Dynamics 365BC implementation project will cost. We'll give you a solid price, and there will be no hidden costs or additional fees later on.

Having the right software will save you money in the long run and support your business's growth. Your team will be more efficient and productive, your data will be better utilized, and your processes will be more secure. A recent Microsoft study proved that small businesses that embrace technology grow faster, and investing in the right technology is one way to protect your business in times of economic uncertainty.

Why upgrade to Microsoft Business Central?

Project delays and business disruption are legitimate concerns. Your accounting system is the core of your business, and there is never a good time to have downtime. We've done over 500 implementations and know how to avoid the common causes of project overruns. We have proven processes to make the change as smooth as possible. We're so confident in the implementation method that we've included in the eBook the percentage of projects that met their planned go-live date.

And one final question we are asked more often than you'd think: Is the Bam Boom Cloud approach too good to be true? Check out the eBook to find your answer!


Questions when implementing accounting software
Most frequently asked questions when implementing a new accounting software


Download the eBook

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Then contact our experts at Bam Boom Cloud, and let's talk about what Microsoft Dynamics 365BC can do for your business.

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