Balanced, Agile Integrated Business and Supply Chain Planning with Netstock IBP and Dynamics 365 ERP

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Integrated Business Planning (IBP)  with Dynamics 365 is a holistic approach to unifying sales, supply, financial, and operational resources across an entire organization.


IBP is a proven method to maximize profits and minimize the risks associated with growth and increased market competition.  BP works to break down siloed working practices in order to align the goals and financial targets of all divisions with the overall corporate goals, defining success at each stage and having a system of accountability for reaching those goals. It is a fundamental shift in company culture, requiring complete buy-in and support from all levels of management.

Such organizational unity requires much effort to achieve, but in the end makes your company more robust, agile, and resistant to disruption and black swan events. To accomplish it, businesses are focusing more on their cash flow and margins across operations, adding pressure on supply chain planning to reduce waste, unlock operating cash and manage working capital more effectively.

Some businesses try to conform the new thinking and processes to common productivity applications, such as spreadsheets. While there will always be a place for them, spreadsheets have many critical shortcomings that hamper collaborative and dynamic IBP practices. Successful IBP execution involves connecting those new, streamlined processes with a supply chain planning solution.

At Netstock, we deliver MIcrosoft Dynamics solutions that help thousands of companies successfully integrate IBP into their company culture, giving greater visibility, speed, and predictive planning to help decision-makers adjust course and keep company objectives on target while coping with disruptive events along the way.

We’ve prepared a guide to help business leaders understand IBP and its effect on their organization. Here’s what’s inside:

  1. An overview of IBP benefits. You’ll learn how greater alignment, improved visibility, and enhanced agility contribute to better decision-making, preparation, and anticipation.
  2. The value of a dedicated IBP supply chain planning solution. You’ll see why spreadsheets can’t handle the data demands of IBP, and how an IBP solution unlocks new possibilities for streamlining your business processes, increasing visibility and forecasting capabilities, and adapting to constantly changing business conditions.
  3. See how Netstock IBP has helped real businesses like yours. We’ll take you on a brief tour of four enterprises: DaySpring, Shimano North America, S-One Holdings, and Starkey, to see how Netstock enabled each one to strengthen operations and manage growth successfully.
  4. What to look for in an IBP solution with Microsoft Dynamics. Learn how the key areas of demand planning and forecasting, inventory optimization, and S&OP, along with capacity planning, should be covered by your chosen solution, along with 4 tips for a successful, company-wide implementation.

Is Your Business Ready for IBP with Microsoft Dynamics ERP?

Read the guide for a deep dive into IBP benefits and best practices. Gain a competitive edge in today’s volatile market. Let us at Netstock help you break down siloed working processes and start optimizing your planning today!

Download your guide here.


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