6 Strategies to Cut Costs Across Your Supply Chain

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Cutting down on the cost associated with managing your supply chain can be challenging. There are several strategies you can use to cut costs across your supply chain and improve your budget.

1. Improve Demand Forecasting Efficiency

Demand forecasting can help improve your ability to predict fluctuations in consumer needs. During periods of economic uncertainty, you may need to improve your overall forecasting efficiency and increase your ability to predict what consumers need. If your supply chain planning solution doesn't allow you to accurately forecast changes in consumer demand, it may be limiting your ability to cut costs. You may ask questions like:

  • How does consumer demand change due to changes in the market?
  • Do you have seasonal increases or decreases that could influence inventory needs?
  • How can you ensure that you meet consumers' needs without over-ordering?

Keep in mind that too little inventory can be just as detrimental to your overall supply chain efficiency as too much.

2. Shift Responsibility to the Manufacturer

In some cases, you may be able to shift some of the responsibility for managing inventory--and therefore some of the overall inventory risk--over to the manufacturer. In traditional manufacturing arrangements, the manufacturer takes on little of the risk. By shifting some of the responsibility to the manufacturer, you may find it easier to decrease your overall costs. By taking out the middleman and decreasing a step in the supply chain, you may find that you are in a much better position to manage your inventory and supply chain.

3. Negotiate Rates

It seems as though the price of everything is going up dramatically. Your shipping partners may also have raised their rates, leading to an increase in your overall costs. Those rates are not necessarily set in stone; you can negotiate rates with your shipping provider, decreasing your overall costs and allowing you to protect your supply chain budget.

Shopping around can give you a better idea of what your shipping partner has the potential to offer you. In many cases, you will get a better rate by going with someone new. You may find that diversifying your shipping partners (as well as your suppliers) can make it easier for you to cut shipping costs.

4. Use the Right Inventory Management Solution

Your inventory management solution can go a long way toward helping you cut overall costs, especially if you are using it effectively. Using the right inventory management solution, you may find that it:

  • Gives you a better idea of where your inventory is, which can help prevent over-ordering. Your inventory management solution can help provide you with insights into what is already in your warehouses and stores.
  • Provides you with insights into how you can best maximize the value of each load. Ideally, you want to ship the right quantities at the right times to help cut down on overall shipping costs.
  • Offers critical insight into when you may need to re-order, which can help you avoid last-minute orders and the increased costs that may go along with them.

By investing in an inventory management solution that genuinely works for your brand, you may find that you're better positioned to save costs long-term, which can help you cut down on your supply chain spending.

5. Invest in Your Staff

If you want to see long-term returns in the cost of maintaining your supply chain, make sure you're investing in your staff. You may not realize how many team members it takes to keep your supply chain running efficiently and effectively. Having the right staff on hand can help cut down on errors and even ultimately lead to cost savings.

In addition to increasing the size of your existing staff, consider the benefits of investing in them: providing them with the training they need to navigate your supply chain needs and your software solution. Well-trained team members are often positioned to manage the challenges that may come their way and help your business save.

6. Prepare for Disruption

Supply chain disruption remains a concern for many businesses moving into 2023. Many of the challenges that have led to those disruptions continue. Some disruptions are unpredictable. Other disruptions, however, you can prepare ahead for. Invest in your solutions ahead of time. Get to know the challenges that are most likely to impact your business and your supply chain and make sure that you're prepared for them to help. It may surprise you how much you can save when you're prepared ahead of time for those potential challenges. For example, you may want to:

  • Arrange your ordering ahead of time to avoid shortages
  • Diversify suppliers
  • Diversify shipping methods or providers

With these tips, you may be able to cut down on overall costs to manage your supply chain more effectively. Are you looking for a supply chain management solution that can increase your odds of cutting costs effectively? Contact us today to learn more about our solution and the benefits it can offer.


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