Vicinity Software with Dynamics 365 Business Central Helps Food Manufacturers Find Sweet Success

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Manufacturing is an industry with a very broad scope. While the common perception of a manufacturing company is a factory where components are assembled to create a product, in reality, it also extends to those whose products are not composed of parts, but rather chemicals, formulas… or ingredients, such as at a bakery, with packaged foods, among other related segments.

Those who produce food products on a larger scale are also manufacturers. However, common manufacturing software falls far short of meeting the needs of this segment. Discrete manufacturing is simple, straightforward, and reasonably predictable. Batch or Process manufacturing copes with variances and fluctuations in production variables that require a more specialized system to ensure successful and profitable production runs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central when used in the food processing industry is a powerful ERP solution that provides a wealth of manufacturing functionality. Paired with Vicinity Software, it becomes a batch food production powerhouse.

As an example, take Classic Desserts. They’re a premier dessert manufacturer based in the UK and have been running on Vicinity Software for several years. It brought them a host of benefits and simplified lot traceability requirements. However, they weren’t realizing its full potential while it was integrated with QuickBooks.

They soon realized they were outgrowing the capabilities of their accounting solution and decided to make the move to Business Central. Once implemented and integrated with Vicinity, they moved to a whole new level of efficiency.

What benefits did they receive from Dynamics 365 BC with Vicinity Software for Food Manufacturing?

  • A smooth transition from QuickBooks to Business Central, thanks to Vicinity
  • Lot tracing was reduced from 4 hours to 4 minutes
  • Improved accuracy of inventory control produced a cost savings of 40%
  • Expiration date tracking
  • Simplified batch planning takes minutes instead of hours
  • Barcodes and scanners streamline warehouse operations
  • And much more…

Vicinity Software and Business Central have played an important role in the growth of Classic Desserts and are at the center of their ambitious plans to expand internationally. The first-class customer support from Vicinity that they’ve enjoyed along the way has also helped them to overcome obstacles and keep their operations running smoothly.

Would you like an in-depth look at how the Business Central / VicinityFood combination helped Classic Desserts? Could their success be a blueprint for yours? Take a look at our Dynamics 365 Food Production case story and see for yourself.

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