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Personalized services and class-leading online experiences unlock the best customer experiences. A typical challenge that businesses often face is successfully converting prospects into customers. A good way to attain that is by striking a meaningful conversation with the prospect while keeping existing customers engaged. Around-the-clock customer service with Dynamics 365 Marketing keeps customers returning, leading to new, enticing experiences.

When do B2B and B2C businesses go hand-in-hand?

B2B businesses have rising standards and expectations, yet they cannot succeed in those areas with conventional customer interactions. The market is primarily driven by large and impersonal data analysis, seemingly in conflict with the ability to cater to specific customer needs. This is particularly the case when significant disruptions in customer interactions occur or sales outreach is curtailed.

While some companies may label themselves “customer-centric,” there is an apparent conflict about whether they are or not. Normally, B2C companies are primarily built to be customer-centric, with their services focused on customer requirements. They can achieve similar traction with customers if they take the necessary steps followed by their B2C counterparts.

Better customer experience—the universal goal of businesses

The B2C industry leverages new-age technology, such as customer data platforms and AI. The industry is wired in a way that enables companies to have a 360-degree view of their customers and follow up on insights that can optimize their engagement rates.

B2B organizations have stepped up their tech game recently, which has proven beneficial for them and their customer base.

Every customer wants a great experience with their suppliers. Robust, responsive customer engagement is a gateway for greater buyer participation.

Organizations can expect the following attributes when they deliver good customer experience:

  • 10 to 15 percent lower customer churn
  • 20 to 40 percent increase in the win rate of offers
  • Up to 50 percent reduction in service costs

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A path for better selling—Dynamics 365 Marketing

Marketing in the business world can be difficult without the right tools or resources to guide companies and their customers, becoming a setback that does not convert prospects into customers. Fortunately, with marketing automation technology such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing—which leverages the power of data and AI—businesses can convert prospects into customers efficiently. Dynamics 365 Marketing powers marketers to improve their campaigns and receive higher response rates from the desired prospects and further nurtures them into becoming customers.

Microsoft's marketing automation platform is a well of capabilities and benefits that can steer organizations forward through its ability to identify the needs and wants of potential customers.

Marketing management: Dynamics 365 Marketing helps organizations manage key marketing tasks such as event management, prospecting, and customer experience. A fundamental requirement of marketing is to identify the target audience. With Dynamics 365 Marketing, lead generation and scoring tools allow marketers to identify their target audience and create engaging campaigns.

Real-time customer engagement: Track customer actions and respond to them in real time with personalized messages. Marketers can use dynamic text and images across data sources for customization that motivates. For example, mobile channels pave the way for creating text messages and push notifications. This way, marketers can engage their customers through relevant media platforms.

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Four principles to turn prospects into customers

The conversion of prospects to customers is a process where organizations focus on the following four key priorities:

Nurture more demand: Email marketing is a primary source of leads, yet, it is not enough by itself to create a compelling competitive edge. Today's customer expectations are more demanding. To satisfy their requirements, deep insights into their expectations are a necessity. Dynamics 365 Marketing can create a much-needed competitive advantage for companies with vital insights into their customer group, and companies can expect strong sales increases.

Personalize buyer experiences: Customer experience solely depends on how well you know your customer. If you do not, that can cause discrepancies from both ends of the business. With Dynamics 365 Marketing, companies can obtain a holistic view of buyers, predict their business goals or demands, and set up a connected and personalized customer journey.

Build relationships at scales: Successful business relationships stem from the credibility that the company establishes with its services. Implementing Dynamics 365 Marketing helps bring in more leads by quickly strengthening customer relationships. In addition, Dynamics 365’s integration with LinkedIn significantly improves an organization's information exposure and positively reflects on sales relationships.

Make insight-driven decisions: When sales and marketing join forces, businesses can more easily make well-informed decisions through insights from both components. This optimizes the sales process, improves overall team performance, empowers employees with internal communication, and enables the organization to roll out compelling insight-driven strategies. Dynamics 365 Marketing combines information across various systems into a single platform, and this unification helps improve the company's overall performance.

Comfortable transition to the D365 Environment with DemandDynamics

A Microsoft Partner can help your organization move from your current ecosystem to Dynamics 365 Marketing and leverage its capabilities to enhance business success. DemandDynamics has a group of trained professionals who provide the best solutions that adhere to industry guidelines while keeping your organization’s goals as the priority.

DemandDynamics offers on-demand services that run on a pay-as-you-use model, where you only need to pay for the services used. Our solutions are highly customizable, which helps you explore various marketing avenues concerning your line of business.

Reach out to one of our experts to learn more about Dynamics 365 Marketing or our range of services.

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