Insite, The 1st ERP Productivity Analyzer, Now for Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

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Insite is the world's first ERP productivity analyzer. Insite was born at a company running Microsoft Dynamics AX (now Microsoft Dynamics 365) for a large service department. There were often fifty to a hundred people handling customer support calls. In one of their meetings, they discussed various aspects of Dynamics ERP implementation, and somebody said, "I'd like to know which of our customers are utilizing most of our time." We realized that some customers use more support time than others and perhaps should be charged more.

The original concept for an ERP Productivity Analyzer or Dynamics 365 ERP

From the company's perspective, they thought they knew, based on complaints,  what the issues were and which customers were abusing support lines and using up most of the time. But they didn't have specific data. Eric Cornet, HandsFree's Chief Technology Officer, and Insite's creator said, "oh, I can get that information. Asked how, he replied, "it would be easy for me to program that."

Eric wrote the first crude components of gathering the data about which user was transacting on what ERP screen. And while he was at it, he also pulled in other data related to that screen. For instance, on a customer service screen, he could also access information regarding the customer. So that was the start of Insite, the world's first productivity analyzer for Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

We could now clearly identify the customers needing more support. After that, the really fascinating thing was all the other gathered data. There were multiple situations where people looked at the data and said, oh my gosh, that's interesting. Can we drill into that? So Insite started as a tool to address one particular issue and evolved into a solution that addressed many issues.

How we developed Insite

Soon afterward, I met with Eric and learned more about his creation. I found it incredible and decided it needed to become more than just business intelligence for answering questions. We needed to develop it, productize it, and give it a name.  This product could have a much wider use than just answering a specific business question.

We wanted to use Insite to answer overreaching questions inside an entire organization. The secondary piece we brought to the table was the knowledge that people often jump outside their Dynamics ERP system system to get things done. We wondered if we could address that too. Could we capture the amount of time spent jogging between ERP and Excel? Could we figure out a ratio? And could we track that ratio as it changed over time between users, departments, and workflows?

Insite: the first of its kind

Answering those questions led to Insite ERP Analyzer. Insite is the first of its kind and came from our quest to establish a new set of tools to evaluate the health of ERP implementations. We use the data gathered to evaluate an ERP platform's fitness level to dramatically improve ERP software selection, implementations, or upgrades to a new system.

ERP software has become more complex, time-consuming, and expensive regarding maintenance, upgrades, and replacement.

Most ERP projects are challenged or outright failures falling short on one or more key project success metrics:

  • On-time
  • On budget
  • On point with delivered functionality

We designed Insite specifically to reverse this epidemic!

Insite analyzes ERP usage and, more importantly, identifies Shadow ERP elements and their usage in relation to the ERP platform. This data is critical in managing costs and productivity for ERP software platforms.

How you can benefit from Insite

Whether your goal is to upgrade, replace, move to the cloud, or just optimally use the ERP solution you already have, Insite can work for you.  Our tool is the first that doesn't require pages of checklists and novice process investigators.  Insite utilizes data gathered, so you don't have to rely on opinions.  Discover exactly what is happening with your Dynamics 365 ERP system daily and use that source of truth to empower actions that optimize your business processes.

To learn more about Insite ERP Analyzer and what it can do for your business, contact our experts at HandsFree.

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