Dynamics ERP Payroll for Seasonal Businesses with the Real-Time Add-on

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Payroll submission should be both accurate and on time, given that your business relies on your employees, and employees rely on their paychecks. A speedy, compliant, and easy-to-use payroll system ensures timely and accurate pay runs for your business. A cloud-based platform, Greenshades' solution for Microsoft Dynamics ERP Seasonal Payroll provides flexibility, agility, and real-time payroll for seasonal businesses.

Real-time payroll is a critical feature of Greenshades' payroll solution. Now you can leverage this powerful feature to fund payroll taxes when it is most beneficial for your business.

Real-Time payroll for seasonal and other businesses

A real-time approach is valuable for most companies, but it has particular advantages for seasonal operations. Some businesses experience revenue and employee roster spikes during certain times of the year.

Here are some examples of seasonal businesses that will benefit from real-time payroll: 

  • Agriculture and commercial fishing payroll software:

    Most crops are seasonal, and yield may be affected by external factors such as weather, demand, etc. These businesses work hard for a good harvest, but that is by no means guaranteed. Harvesting requires a lot of manual labor, and often these businesses must increase and decrease their workforce during the year. They may have core employees but also rely on seasonal workers and part-time help. These conditions also apply to commercial fishing operations.

  • Payroll systems for lawn maintenance, landscaping, and snow plowing:

    Especially in northern and mid-Atlantic climates, maintenance businesses are often seasonal. And in the case of lawn care and snow removal, they usually peak in opposite seasons. Yard maintenance companies often are busiest from spring to mid-fall, while snow plowing is necessarily a winter business. And even in winter, snow removal is subject to regional fluctuations in the weather and the amount of resulting snowfall. Some areas see snow as early as September and as late as April. And there may be significant gaps in operations.

  • Sporting events and entertainment facilities Dynamics 365 payroll processing:

    Any venue or event with seasonal operations or seasonal peaks will also benefit from real-time payroll. Apart from the players, venues and stadiums require employees to facilitate operations, control crowds, maintain fields, and serve in various capacities during events. Wedding venues may also experience peak seasons.

  • Seasonal Payroll Software for Tax preparation:

    Another highly seasonal business is tax preparation. Larger organizations begin as early as October to prepare taxes, but the high season is usually January through April. Tax preparers may log longer hours and increase staff during tax season to meet the demand. Once the season has passed and late filers have been accommodated, they may scale back operations.

Tax filing for seasonal businesses

According to the IRS, part-time and seasonal employees are subject to the same tax withholding rules as other workers. Seasonal employers only need to file Form 941s for the quarters when they are operating and paying wages. Otherwise, there is no tax liability. You must inform the IRS that you are a seasonal employer and do not conduct business year-round. Form 941 lets you check a box labeled "seasonal employer," so the IRS will not be looking for unfiled returns.

Advantages of real-time payroll for seasonal businesses

Control of cash flow

Real-time payroll allows seasonal businesses to control their cash flow and keep money available during slow or off-seasons.

Freedom to run your payroll whenever

Since most seasonal businesses operate only during certain times of the year, it is essential to be able to run payroll on your operating schedule rather than one dictated to you.

The Greenshades solution delivers value throughout the year, even if you own and operate a seasonal business. From onboarding new hires to ensuring all employees are paid speedily, accurately, and on time, Greenshades helps to transform your payroll processes into a competitive advantage. To learn how we can help, check out our recent "True Cost of Payroll" on-demand webinar or schedule a no-pressure discussion with one of our Greenshades consultants.

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