Create A New Item In Dynamics 365 Business Central

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How to create a new item in Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Process is simple and quick which allows you to create sales order and purchase order with those new items.  However, certain mandatory fields are necessary to populated with every item created in Dynamics 365  Business Central.

List of mandatory field:

  1. No – This field represents the item and or part number.
  2. Description– this field represents a brief description of this item.
  3. Base unit of measure – this field represents the stocking unit of measure.
  4. General Product Posting Group Code – this field is a financial field that will point to a specific GL account on the profit and loss statement.
  5. Inventory Posting Group Code– this field is a financial field that will point to a specific GL account on the balance sheet.
  6. Unit Price– This field represents the unit price this item will be sold for on a sales order.
  7. Unit Cost– This field represents the unit cost of this item of which it will be bought for on a purchase order.
  8. Sales Unit Of Measure– This fields represents the selling unit of measure.
  9. Purchase Unit of Measure– This field represents the purchasing unit of measure.

Item table in Business Central has several functions, such as to create non-stock items and to create expense items.  Main purpose is to standardize the item numbers used throughout the system even though there is no true inventory moving through.

Within the item card users can set up various planning policies for their items for the system to achieve the optimal planning cycle. Also, reorder points for the specific items using the fields in the planning tab.

Furthermore, on the item card, the users could also specify if the specific item will be lot and or serial controlled through the system by populating the data in the item tracking tab.  Finally, users can associate various cycle count intervals and quickly review when the last physical and check account took place for this item under the warehousing tab.

On the ribbon there are numerous different options that relate directly to how additional information could be added to the item card, such as adding extended text, creating sales pricing and purchase pricing hierarchies along with creating stockkeeping units.

If you have any questions on this process or any other process for Dynamics Business Central, please contact our team at AdCirrus ERP.  We would love to help you.

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