5 Ways Dynamics 365 Business Central Leads to Business Growth

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Dynamics 365 Business Central is an excellent solution for comprehensive business management. It manages the sales process, forecasts and portrays accurate metrics, keeps track of production and inventory, and more! Because Dynamics 365 Business Central is part of the Microsoft Suite of technologies, it integrates seamlessly with all of the other Microsoft tools. This makes it easy to manage almost any business process and ensures data is consistent across the board. By implementing Business Central, your business is sure to gain valuable insights into how to grow and be granted the power to do so. Discover below 5 ways JourneyTEAM clients have been able to grow with the use of Business Central.


1. Make Data-Driven Decisions

One parent organization needed a way to view reports on the performance of each of their entities spread throughout the United States. Each of these entities was collecting its own data in a different location, which made it difficult for leadership to quickly view progress and growth. Their payroll processes were also a pain point as they didn’t have a tool that showed financial data in a single, accessible, updated location. With a Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation, they were able to view gathered data in one location, and know how to improve the lower-performing areas or locations. They could make data-driven decisions based on their insightful reports.

2. Improve the User Experience

Another JourneyTEAM client was struggling to organize, and make sense of their sales data. Their data was complicated and coming from disparate sources, and they needed a system that would have it all stored in one, easy-to-understand location. By implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central, and having JourneyTEAM consultants as their partners, this company's user experience was greatly improved. They could easily view their customers and sales data, and turn that data into actionable decisions to help their business grow and improve.

3. Simplify Supply Chain and Operational Processes

JourneyTEAM ERP consultants helped a large manufacturer migrate all of their data to Dynamics 365 Business Central to simplify and improve processes.  Users were spending time manually inputting data, as well as changing their dashboard views to only show the date that specific users and departments needed. Business Central architects provided training for the new system, as well as personalized all their views within Dynamics 365 Business Central system for each user. Now processes and views were automated and saved users time and effort, so they could focus on other tasks. Additionally, when this manufacturer hires more team members, JourneyTEAM provides end-user training to ensure they also know how to get the most out of the system. With these practices in place, this company can empower its employees with their use of Business Central, and the business can scale efficiently.

4. Gain Seamless Integrations

Dynamics 365 Business Central offers expansive capabilities and allows companies the freedom to scale their accounting software as their business grows. One client JourneyTEAM has worked with came to them for Dynamics 365 Business Central support as they migrated to Business Central, from Dynamics GP. In order to ensure a high level of customer service as well as keep client data secure, one national bank entered a support agreement with JourneyTEAM to extend their technical team.  They wanted to provide their members with a premiere banking experience, and often needed help training or demoing how to use Dynamics 365 Business Central to show money transfers and other data captures. Business Central is an excellent solution to keep track of financials and transactional data and helped this bank keep up with growth, by effectively keeping track of all of its member data by seamlessly connecting with its accounting software.

5. Forecast Data Projections and Statistics

One Healthcare organization had both a CRM and ERP system and wanted them to communicate and update one another. They received implementation guidance from JourneyTEAM's Business Central experts to know how to accurately set up that connection, so they could gain the data analytics and reporting capabilities they were after. Dynamics 365 Business Central then provided users with fast, easy access to accurate sales data, shipping and customer information, and general accounting statistics. With this insight into their accounting and finance statistics, they knew where to focus their efforts, and how to increase sales growth.


Dynamics 365 Business Central is a great business management solution across industries. JourneyTEAM has vast experience customizing Business Central to meet the unique needs and goals of organizations and can help personalize it to your business. Please reach out to speak with a solutions specialist today!



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