Webinar | How to Navigate Supply Chain Disruptions & Stay Productive

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Is your company struggling with supply chain disruptions, constraints, and bottlenecks?
For the past two years, manufacturers have faced successive global and regional disruptions that exposed gaps in their supply chains. Companies have been constantly under fire, reacting to one issue after another – and it’s not over yet.
The threat of disruption remains steady, and companies are feeling the pressure to ensure that their supply chains are ready for what’s next.

Join Kwixand Solutions on Wednesday, November 16th at 11 am PST to learn how your company can successfully navigate supply chain disruptions and remain productive. Watch the webinar on demand here>> 

By the end of the webinar, you’ll gain foresight into supply chain disruptions and discover solutions to strengthen your supply chain. We'll discuss:

  • How companies should re-shape their thinking about supply chain
  • 6 strategies to navigate supply chain disruptions and constraints
  • What solutions businesses can use to create a more effective supply chain
Can't attend? Register anyways, and we'll send you a recording!

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