Project based subscriptions and professional services retainers in Dynamics 365 Finance and SCM

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Many businesses that are transforming to recurring revenue streams require subscriptions to run in the context of projects and professional services. Think about a SaaS company offering extended support plans, invoiced annually upfront, whilst customer get a bucket of hours per month. Another scenario is when a professional services company charges a fixed monthly retainer with a pre-determine work breakdown structure of allocated work. You can imagine many scenarios where companies bill subscriptions and recurring retainers but provide services as entitlements on that subscription to their customers.

Automating services-based subscriptions on project is critical to ensure keeping track of the entitlements and deal with transactional data it generates. Different companies monetize their services capability using subscription models.

Automating project subscriptions

With LISA BusinessPro for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Project Operations or Project Management and Accounting bluefort empower Project based subscription models such as:

  • Managed services and retainer models;
  • Support and maintenance models;
  • Continues service delivery models.

Reasons to automate your project subscriptions

Transforming to “as-a-service” model or servitizing your project offerings provides your business with many benefits:

  1. Streamlined operations for project managers resulting in efficiency improvements and cost savings;
  2. Faster record-to-report cycles;
  3. Better and more status control on project subscriptions, resulting in a better customer experience.



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