How to Lower the Cost of Dynamics ERP Projects using Insite by HandsFree

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At Pelorus Technology, we've challenged ourselves to find a solution to the problem of overpriced and often failed Micrososft Dynamics ERP implementation projects. By far, the highest extra cost of ERP projects is the cost of a do-over when the initial project has failed. There had to be a better way. We've examined concepts, processes, approaches, and tools and found a way to improve budgets and project timelines.

Our process is supported by Insite, the first ERP productivity analysis tool developed by HandsFree, a Pelorus partner.

With Insite by HandsFree, we now have a tool that finds data in an existing ERP environment and allows us to create timelines and budgets based on information missed in all the traditional approaches.

The traditional way

Look at Microsoft Dynamics ERP. You'll see that there are really none that go off flawlessly. They are all over time or budget, or both. And because these failures are rampant, we know the Insite tool will be a game-changer.

Insite is specifically intended to dig deep into a company's data and processes and give results based on facts, not conjecture or opinion. The data analyzed is often overlooked or dismissed by companies whose methodology uses the same approach to every ERP implementation or upgrade project. It's counterproductive to use the same budgets and timelines for ERP projects when the needs of companies are often vastly different.

Most enterprise ERP software projects have detailed implementation plans based on similar projects. But no two companies are exactly alike, even within the same industry. And those generic project plans can be wrong on purpose, as is the case in a competitive sales environment where low-ball estimates are presented to "win the business." Or the project plan has not accurately accounted for all critical requirements.

A better way to Plan for Dynamics ERP Implementations

Insite was developed to address all those pieces of data missed with the traditional way of creating project budgets and timelines. Now we can dig into those overlooked elements and create more meaningful budgets and timelines. Then we apply a different implementation strategy to compress the timeframe for implementing these projects and reducing the cost.

Nobody budgets for failure. The highest hidden cost of  ERP projects is extra money needed once the original budgets are eaten up and the project is still incomplete. Nearly every project suffers, and many project managers consider it a win if the cost is only 20-50% over budget. Realistically, it's almost always 100% over and includes lots of nightmares. We've recognized that reality. Instead of trying to continue on business as usual, we've developed a better approach.

Insite by HandsFree

Insite analyzes Dynamics ERP usage and, more importantly, identifies Shadow ERP elements and their use in relation to the ERP platform. This data is critical in managing costs and productivity for ERP software platforms. The HandsFree ERP Software Analysis Tool, Insite, is the first tool designed to reverse the failed ERP projects epidemic. By illuminating which elements of your ERP you use and how you use them, we'll know exactly what you need. Insite also identifies all the other applications and outside web tools you rely on. We'll know if any of those can be covered by your ERP.

The Insite tool developed by HandsFree helps us unearth information not previously available. Now we can establish better budgets and timelines by using a different set of thought processes to execute successful projects. A lot of the time and money wasted on implementations can be used more strategically, doing things hands-on instead of on a whiteboard. Who doesn't want to save on the cost of ERP projects?

Discover how your team can mitigate the risk of costly ERP software project failure by talking to us about Insite!

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