Top 7 Reasons Why Small Businesses Choose Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Dynamics 365 Business Central is quickly becoming the go-to solution for small businesses seeking not only to manage accounting and financial issues but also to improve overall business processes. Small and medium-sized businesses are migrating to cloud-based ERP solutions like Business Central to help manage their operations more effectively.

To uncover the seven top reasons why small firms prefer Dynamics 365 Business Central over other accessible ERPs, let's first learn more about Dynamics 365 Business Central.

What is Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Dynamics 365 Business Central for small business

D365 Business Central is a powerful business solution that caters to the capabilities of a complete ERP and a few features of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as well.

Previously known as Dynamics NAV or Navision, it can streamline, automate, and connect all departments of an organization for a unified data flow while boosting overall operational efficiency.

It can manage your core departments, including finance, sales, manufacturing, supply chain, project management, and shipping.

Microsoft offers three deployment options to users:

  1. On-premises server deployment on company premises
  2. Cloud-Server deployment using cloud services (Microsoft Azure).
  3. Hybrid-Server deployment using mixed services of cloud and on-premises.

Why Business Central is the perfect choice for small businesses?

Growing businesses or startups require a simple yet powerful business management software that is easy to access, simple to use, scalable, easy to integrate with other apps, and can be customized. With its growth, business requirements change, whether there is a need for more cloud storage or a need for more complex customization for a specific business.

To meet such requirements, D365 Business Central is the right choice for SMBs. To support this statement, a few reasons are given below. 

Top 7 Reasons Why Small Businesses Choose Dynamics 365 Business Central


1. Simplified User Experience

D365 Business Central offers a simple and refreshed user experience on all devices, whether web, mobile, or desktop. The layout and the placement of functions are so intuitive that a new user can grasp the features easily, helping the user to increase their efficiency and productivity.

Even though the navigation to access all tools is easy throughout the application, whether a user is exploring the dashboard or accessing the reports,

2. Ease of Access

With cloud deployment, users can access the data anytime and from anywhere using an internet connection irrespective of the device. It allows the decision maker to track all processes in real-time, allowing them to take a data-driven and efficient decision effectively.

With on-premises deployment, users can access the same features but only when accessing them in company promises.

3. Effortless Customization

With modernization, the ways of business are changing, or we can say, evolving in a better way. With the changing business requirements, such businesses need customization that can meet their needs while helping them manage all their unique tasks and processes.

Customizations help businesses perform better for their customers and outperform their competitors, allowing for rapid growth.

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4. Real-Time Data Insights

Accurate data insights lead to a data-driven decision. Cloud computing allows users to access the data and reports of any process or operation 24X7. Dynamics Business Central provides flawless analytical capabilities that assist businesses in making the most of data insights.

The data insights help you make critical decisions based on data that directly impacts the growth of a business.

5. Effective Automation

There are numerous processes that is time-consuming and tedious to perform. Business Central allows users to automate such tasks, which leads to saving a lot of effort, resources, and time. Users can easily automate the recurring manual process with zero scopes for errors.

Power Automate is a feature in D365 BC that enables such automation, and this tool comes inbuilt with the application.

6. Scalability with Ease

With the right strategy and a perfect business plan, small businesses grow with time. Business Central is easy to scale as per business growth, and the performance can be upgraded or downgraded at any time by contacting a Microsoft-certified support partner.

You have to scale up a specific feature or a function of Business Central as you particularly use it. Your Business Central Consultant will do it effortlessly.

7. Highly Secure 

"Data is the key." You and I both agree with this statement, and the good part is that Microsoft understands it well. Microsoft Azure (native cloud services) offers extensive, safe, and secure storage space to store all your business data.

If you still think that storing data on the cloud is unsafe, you can opt for on-premise server deployment.

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How to implement Dynamics 365 Business Central for SMBs?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation process requires a lot of effort, but with Dynamics Square, the process will become easy.

Once you contact Dynamics Square, one of our Business Central experts will contact you to understand the business requirements and thereafter guide you towards a successful ERP implementation.

We are a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, helping your business to grow with D365 Business Central by deploying rapid implementation in just 80 hours. We have 250+ global clients who trust us as a dedicated Business Central consulting partner with vast experience in implementing successful ERP and CRM solutions for SMBs. 

Want to know more? Get a free system health check or book a free consultation with our experts for a successful Dynamics 365 implementation.

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