VicinityBrew Dynamics 365 Add-on Software Helps Craft Brewers Improve Consistency and Efficiency

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To remain competitive, craft brewers and small to medium-sized Beverage Suppliers and Distributors need tools that favor ease of use and responsive, straightforward reporting without requiring a massive investment in infrastructure.

The challenge

Craft brewers and other beverage distributors are subject to changing requirements around content labeling. They also need a consistent and efficient method for tracking their product throughout production and distribution. And customer loyalty depends on reliable quality.

The nature of food and beverage processing means that there will sometimes be fluctuations and modifications throughout production. Even slight variations will impact your product and your bottom line. So, you need real-time transparency in each step of your processes. Without insight, small variations or out-of-spec ingredients can result in missed deadlines, customer dissatisfaction, or possibly product recalls.

Gaining visibility

A crucial element in a brewery or beverage distribution business is understanding the processes that keep your product consistent. At each step, you’ll want to know what adjustments or corrective actions are necessary to keep your brews uniform. But you can only adjust what you can measure.

Your software should be able to

  • Measure variations in batches and calculate predicted results
  • Measure samples against company standards such as pH, gravity, or fermentation progress
  • Notify your team if an ingredient or a batch is out of acceptable range
  • Organize data so crucial information is available at the recipe or batch level
  • Document and track any corrective actions taken

How efficient is your ERP solution at detecting and tracking variations and generating notifications?

The solution

A software system that can automate batch review will help your organization assess and address potential problems.

VicinityBrew Software integrates with Dynamics 365 Business Central software and monitors batch variations and provides real-time notifications highlighting any non-standard results throughout your brewing process. VicinityBrew can track yield, cost, concentration, etc., detect variations, and alert employees when adjustments are necessary. Detailed data generated by VicinityBrew will inform strategic decisions.

Your team can avoid manufacturing mishaps, streamline operations, and stay on track with automated batch reviews.

VicinityBrew for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a software system designed for brewers. With our brewing management software, you can integrate all aspects of your business, improve operations, produce better products, and drive growth.

 Contact our experts at Vicinity Software today to see how you can improve consistency and efficiency by automating batch reviews,

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