Pro Tip: Make Summit NA an Offsite Team-Building Activity for Your Microsoft Dynamics Users

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Summit NA as a Team Building ActivityWhen was the last time the Microsoft Dynamics users in your organization had a chance to connect and strategize? Summit NA in Orlando, Florida will be an excellent opportunity to do that.

This year, Dynamics Communities reports that attendees registered for Summit NA in Orlando are bringing an average of three to five people per company. Some are bringing as many as 20 team members.

1) Divide and conquer the session list

There will be 560 sessions at Summit NA broken down by product and track.

When you bring multiple team members to the event, each can focus on one product or one track with specific goals in mind. They can then regroup to talk about what they have learned and how it could impact the organization.

This pooling of information is much harder to do in a digital environment where people are rushed or distracted, and the debrief never seems to happen.

Pam Misialek of Dynamics Communities says, "A new thing we are doing this year is really trying to optimize and curate the sessions so that no matter where somebody is in their Microsoft journey, we can make it easy for them to see their return on investment. So, the curation is around products, which is not new, Dynamics GP or Dynamics 365 BC and F&O, etc. But then we've aligned it to where you are in your process, plus the skillset level of the attendee."

For example, if you are with a distribution company running Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, one person can attend all finance sessions while another attends warehouse-related sessions. Another can go to the Power Platform sessions aligned to BC. And you can further segment based on if the user is very experienced or a brand-new hire.

The entire team can get value in the way best for them and the company.

2) Cut loose and connect

Perhaps your users work at home or are spread across multiple locations. Have they met each other personally? Without an occasional change of environment, a person or a team can get stuck in a rut that stifles creative thinking.

At Summit NA, team members will have a chance to learn together and play together. They will have the opportunity to interact on a more informal level. This type of team building can boost morale and reinforce connections among employees.

Employees often leave companies because they don't feel connected to the people they work with or the job they are doing.

One website says, "cutting loose and having fun together outside work helps teams build common ground. Back at the office, that common ground results in unity, allowing the team to work more cohesively in the same direction. This cohesion leads to reaching decisions and solutions faster, which is a win for everyone."

As a side note, connecting with your Microsoft Dynamics implementation partner on a personal level also has the same value. This strengthened relationship will pay dividends down the road.

3) Step back and plan

Summit NA will help users see the entire vision of the Microsoft Dynamics system and what it can do for their company.

Often users and managers are in a state of urgency and pulled in many directions. They don't have a chance to step back and consider how to scale, grow, and improve their business. A week in Orlando, surrounded by ideas, will help you gain clarity and outline plans for growth.

4) Show appreciation for your team

After several years "at home," many are excited about the chance to travel. And let's face it, Orlando is a fun location.

It has been said that a person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected. Show your employees you appreciate their hard work. Your team has likely overcome many challenges during these unprecedented times. Their loyalty and endurance deserve celebration.

Bring your team to Summit NA. Learn together how to streamline your business through applied technology, team-building, and collaboration.

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By Anya Ciecierski, ERP Software Blog,

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