Learn about Leading Financial Add-Ons for Dynamics 365 Finance (AX) at the October MSDW Showcase

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Large organizations have implemented Dynamics 365 Finance (or its predecessor, Dynamics AX) and enjoyed unparalleled control and flexibility to organize, streamline, and drive growth. With its broad list of financial features, it’s able to meet the needs of many different industry verticals.

However, since each company has its unique structure and approach to doing business, inevitably there is a process or feature within Dynamics that isn’t able to fulfill your specific requirements.

It’s in these scenarios that an add-on solution can prove to be a cost-effective, quickly-implemented solution that gets you back up to speed and focused on what you do best.

For that reason, MSDW and ERP Software Blog have partnered and brought you the Financial Tools Showcase for Dynamics 365 Finance (AX) on October 4th, featuring demos of five leading solutions that you’ll want to see for yourself.

In this session you will learn about tools from:

Avalara. Whether you’re a small or large organization, Avalara specializes in helping you get tax compliance right. With a solid and well-known cloud solution, they deliver compliance assistance for sales and use, VAT, GST, excise, communications, lodging, customs duties, and other indirect tax types. Experienced and trustworthy, Avalara processes billions of indirect tax transactions for customers and users and files more than a million tax returns and other compliance documents, every single year.

Databasics. Launching the first web-based, enterprise-grade time and expense management system in 1997, Databasics was also the first to empower customers with full administrative control. With a passion to deliver faster, easier entry, transparent integrations, and the utmost flexibility in configuration and reporting, they can meet the most demanding time and expense management challenges. No matter where your employees travel or what they buy, Databasics’ expense management software gives your organization the best of both worlds: a powerful solution that’s easy to use. Get the tools you need to submit, track, process, and reimburse employee expenses with more flexibility and less hassle.

Bluefort. Focused on hyper-automation for subscription business models, Bluefort delivers enterprise-grade applications built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Azure platform. They support companies that are beginning to embrace lifetime customers. The ability to engage customers from lead to lifetime is essential for leading service providers that are investing in next-generation subscription management capabilities to enable them to deliver an exceptional customer experience and hyper-automate many back-end processes.

HighRadius. Offering solutions for the Office of the CFO, HighRadius handles order-to-cash, treasury, and record-to-report. These modules deliver measurable, positive impacts to your business’s bottom line in terms of DSO reduction, working capital optimization, bad-debt reduction, reducing month-end closing times, and improving productivity in under 6 months. Efficiency and productivity enhancements are central to the value HighRadius provides to its customers. Their products automate manually intensive tasks, streamline communication, and allow standardization of processes to drive best practices into your receivables and treasury processes.

Metafile. A pioneer in the development of robotic process automation (RPA) solutions, Metafile’s flagship paperless automation solution, MetaViewer, is designed for the modern business, robotically capturing information and automating workflows while offering superior functionality and user experience that is both tailored and affordable. The tight integration with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP increases company efficiency with real-time visibility, boosts transparency and accountability, eliminates manual data entry, utilizes web-based workflow, allows for expansion across the enterprise from AP to AR and HR to Legal, and implements functionality such as OCR, Journal Entry, Touchless Invoice Processing, Expense Reporting and more. To date, more than 3,500 organizations worldwide have used MetaViewer to capture, manage and access data, eliminate repetitive processes, promote efficiency, and control costs with its state-of-the-art RPA functionality.

Watch Now

Don’t miss the virtual showcase! Find out more about these products designed to further streamline your finance department. It happened on Tuesday, October 4th. Watch a one-hour demo program now.

Watch now and don’t miss this opportunity to supercharge your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance/AX.

Does your organization use a different flavor of Dynamics? Take a look at these sessions:

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