Is it Time to Upgrade Your Transportation Software to Dynamics 365 TMS ?

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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Transportation Management Software ?

Increased competition, higher expectations, supply chain disruptions, and delayed deliveries are driving changes in transportation management. Legacy TMS (transportation management system) can't keep up with current scenarios. So, how do you know when the time is right to upgrade your transportation management system? And how can you choose the best TMS for your company?

Modern TMS systems with Dynamics 365 TMS vs. older systems

You may wonder if it's truly worthwhile investing in a newer TMS. Will the benefits justify the cost? One way to judge is by comparing legacy TMS with modern systems such as Dynamics TMS by Next Generation Logistics. In addition to being able to support the entire "Order To Cash" process within Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, there are some additional important points:

  • Legacy TMS — Out-of-the-box legacy systems often required extensive coding to align them with existing systems. They sometimes necessitate expensive and possibly trouble-prone add-ons to do what you needed them to do. Pain points could include budget overruns, implementation headaches, and ultimately a less-than-optimal system.
  • Modern TMS —  Cloud-based solutions have brought quality TMS into reach for small to midsized organizations as well as for enterprise operations. Moreover, competition in the TMS market is making software costs more competitive. With web services integration, a modern TMS can retrieve crucial data from other connected systems through an affordable and easily accessible interface all without the need for other add-ons and additional coding.
  • Legacy TMS — Legacy systems are highly transactional. They take orders and handle carrier assignments. They did fine at receiving orders from your ERP and could perhaps determine which carrier would be used and make the assignment. Some may even have supported EDI (electronic data interchange). But that was the limit of their capabilities.
  • Modern TMS — Modern Dynamics 365 Transporation Management Solutions exceed the transactional. They offer actionable intelligence, determine the best transportation mode, provide workflows for carrier selection, consolidate orders, automate freight rate shopping, and optimize routing. An intuitive interface can alert logistics managers when weather threatens to delay deliveries or accidents have closed a highway. Sig alerts will even analyze what time of day is best for traversing specific areas.
Time to upgrade?

Here are the top three  reasons you should upgrade your TMS:

1. Consume and analyze big data.

Ours is the data age. A modern TMS integrated into Dynamics 365 will gather and analyze the data you need to make the best decisions and drive positive results. You can't forecast and manage your business without visibility of good data, and a modern TMS will give you that.

2. Leverage technology for speed and agility.

Process optimization is crucial in today's competitive market.   Dynamics 365 TMS will help you increase on-time deliveries. The reality is you need that kind of reliability if you are to stand out from your competitors.

3. Improve your gross margins.

Customers want things done faster, better, and cheaper (The Amazon Effect). Wise men say you can have two of those things, but not all three. A modern TMS can implement a strategy, report on it, and manage it, providing business leaders with the real-time data key to making optimal decisions and gaining market advantage. And smarter business decisions often result in a greater return on investment.

In a highly competitive landscape with increasing regulations, tighter deadlines, and higher expectations from supply chain partners, many logistics industry insiders are looking for new ways to reduce costs and improve operations. Implementing new TMS software and learning to leverage actionable information drive the success of your business.

Next Generation Logistics is a leading transportation software company. We're ready to help you accelerate your transportation technology. Contact our experts at Next Generation and ask about DynamicsTMS.

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