Integrating AccuLynx with Dynamics 365 Business Central – What Roofing Businesses Need to Know

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Integrating AccuLynx With Dynamics 365 Business Central – What Roofing Businesses Need to Know

As a popular third-party application, AccuLynx helps enterprises maintain operations and customer-related data, including contacts, campaigns, and sales in a central repository. Although AccuLynx works great as a stand-alone application, the benefits organizations can accrue by integrating it with Dynamics 365 Business Central are multi-fold. Right from creating sales transactions including job cards and sales orders to managing inventory – the integration can help bring all finance-related transactions into Business Central, resulting in reduced manual efforts, streamlined operations, and improved efficiency.

Why AccuLynx integration is vital

AccuLynx helps roofing businesses better manage their business. Being an all-in-one roofing contractor software, the software helps streamline every aspect of the business and take it to the next level of performance and growth. By connecting teams and unifying projects, AccuLynx helps teams improve visibility, save time, and make smarter decisions – thus allowing them to win more jobs.

But if you want to simplify your work and boost productivity, you need to integrate AccuLynx with the tools that you use every day to do your job. Integrations can help automate more of your work and make your life easier while helping you meet all your businesses’ exact needs and requirements. Since there are several moving parts in any contracting business, these integrations can enable better and quicker access to data, streamline the purchasing process, and improve accounting.

The right integrations can also help in minimizing the time it takes to fetch and share data, communicate with teams, and make decisions via intuitive dashboards and reports – thus allowing you to quickly upload and create Job Master, Customer Master, and Sales orders in a centralized platform with allocated values into respective ledgers.

Understanding the AccuLynx-Business Central integration

Managing AccuLynx-related data in Dynamics 365 Business Central offers users the freedom to import critical files and process them further easily. By importing Job Master, Customer Master, and Sales-related transactions into Dynamics 365 Business Central, users can have all AccuLynx files automatically created in an Excel format within Dynamics 365 Business Central. They can also get the option to create custom Job cards with relevant details like the number and description of each Job and link appropriate transaction-related details which the system will directly fetch from general ledger entries, sales, and purchase details.

Users can create a customer entry from the same template in which the Custom Job card has been created and have the series name and address-related data saved automatically in Customer Master number. Within the uploaded template from Job card and Customer card, users can create a sales order with line-level detail into Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. Users can also upload and post the sales order once the approval workflow is activated. At the same, they can also upload the AccuLynx file in an Excel template through the upload utility and process it for Job Card creation, Customer creation, and Sales Order creation.

Enabling the integration between AccuLynx and Dynamics 365 Business Central is extremely simple.

  • Click on the AccuLynx Import icon to import a file from Dynamics 365 Business Central and select the relevant template in Excel file format

  • Validate the file and check for issues in the “Error and Warnings Factbox”

  • Create a new Sales Order once the file is free from errors and have the Customer Card, Job Card, and Sales Order automatically created by the system

  • Once all cards are created, all the data will disappear from the Acculynx staging table

  • Verify the created Customer Card and Custom Job Cards

  • Go to created sales order list page for further processing

  • Click on the Sales Order and open it to verify the data in Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • Once verified, click on the “post” button, select the “ship and invoice” option, and have the Sales Order invoice get automatically posted in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

As businesses grow in size and complexity, having a unified enterprise platform is a great way to quickly and easily manage your business. Although the AccuLynx platform empowers roofing organizations with various capabilities, when integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central, organizations can seamlessly create Job Master, Customer Master, and Sales Orders with allocated values into respective ledgers. By eliminating manual entries and enabling automatic sharing of data between the two systems, AccuLynx Microsoft Dynamics Business Central integration can pave the way for automated workflows, so you can have time to do what matters most.

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