How to find the true cost of a Dynamics 365 ERP implementation

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Think about the last time you heard of an ERP implementation project that went off without a hitch. Everything was on time and budget, users celebrated with a victory party, and owners couldn't have been more pleased.

Are you still thinking?

 Anyone who has done a major ERP project, whether a new implementation or a simple upgrade, has had problems. Whether the project was simple or complex, bare bones or big budget, switching platforms or changing versions, there were issues.

The challenge

Usually, the issues start with software selection. Choosing the right ERP solution for your company is a huge project in itself. Even after you've made your software choice, how do you choose the right implementation partner to work with? Or maybe you've chosen the partner, and the partner helps you select the software.

The next hurdle is coming up with a budget and a timeline that will be acceptable to all. The timeline suggests when you want to go live. Typically, you'd focus on being up and running by the end of a quarter or the end of the year. You'll have to consider any new functionality you require from your upgrade or your new platform. When the system is switched on, you assume that all these challenges have been met.

But you can't have implementation success if there's a glitch in the software or partner selection or poor behavior that leads to insufficient budgets, wrong timelines, and way over-promised functionality.

What are the typical cost overruns associated with an ERP project? Sometimes it's 50% over budget. Sometimes it's 100% over budget! You're talking about an astronomical amount of money. Certainly not a time for celebrating.

Where do you get all that extra money to redo stuff once the project is over budget, over time, and not delivering all the functionality promised? That leads me to the ironic saying that no one has the budget to do any of these projects correctly, but everybody has tons of cash to throw at these projects when it's time to do them over, right?

And we see the same situations repeatedly with projects being challenged or outright do-overs of time, money, and schedules.

The big question is, "Why?" upgrade my ERP to Dynamics 365

We've figured out over time that implementation partners all have the same tools and methodology. Especially in the Microsoft Dynamics space, they use basically the same processes. Partners call it Microsoft Sure Step, and given the results, it's anything but sure.

What they end up with is no new processes, no new ideas, and no new tools to address this issue of failed projects.

Our solution

The team at Pelorus Technology is dedicated to reversing the epidemic of failed and challenged ERP projects by applying new tools, processes, and attitudes. The best tool we have is an actual tool. Insite by HandsFree is a reporting tool to help us unearth information we weren't previously able to access. Insite by HandsFree will help your firm find the true cost of your Dynamics 365 implementation.  And there's nothing in Microsoft's Sure Step methodology that does the same job. Insight into exactly where your present ERP meets and doesn't meet your requirements is the first step toward a realistic budget and timeline. Insite takes the guesswork out of ERP projects so we can get it right the first time.

Insite is the first tool designed to reverse this failed ERP project epidemic. Insite illuminates which ERP elements your team actually uses and how they use them. It also identifies other applications and Web tools they rely on OUTSIDE your ERP to get their jobs done. The data gathered to evaluate an ERP platform's fitness level can then be used to improve ERP software selection, implementations, and upgrades dramatically.

Our unique process for implementing ERP software is proven faster and more cost-effective in delivering value.

After all, the biggest hidden cost for ERP projects is all the cash and time to do over that initial project.

If you are in the process of selecting a new ERP solution or in the midst of a challenged or failing ERP implementation, contact our experts at Pelorus Technology and ask us about our exciting, successful approach.

By Pelorus Technology,

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