How a unified commerce platform will support your retail business growth?

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How a unified commerce platform will support your retail business growth?Unified commerce combines POS, e-commerce, order fulfillment, inventory management, customer relationship management, and much more into a single platform. In other words, unified commerce goes beyond Omni-channel by prioritizing the customer experience, dismantling internal channel silos, and leveraging a common commerce platform.

Here are four ways a unified commerce platform will support your business growth

You do not need to invest time or money in integrations.

When you use a separate system to manage your sales, another to handle vendors, a third for the e-commerce site, and so on, you must set up (and keep up!) real-time communication between the various platforms. And that can be difficult. Needless to say, these procedures can be time-consuming and costly. When you use a unified system, you limit the number of integrations because the majority of the functionality you require is already packaged in one platform. This lowers the costs (and time) associated with all phases, from implementation to maintenance to upgrades.

You get only one version of the truth.

When an enterprise’s distribution centers, e-commerce sites, stores, and headquarters are all run on the same platform, all departments can access and operate on the same data. A centralized database that stores information in a consistent and non-redundant format is the best way for your company to achieve a single version of the truth. And when you have reliable figures, your financial reporting is easier, you can track their KPIs more accurately, you can see how products and promotions are performing, and you can make decisions that will benefit the business faster and more confidently.

Management receives real-time, accurate data.

When the company operates on a single platform, HQ gains a comprehensive view of its processes, from sales to purchasing, allocation, pricing, and warehouse management. This real-time visibility allows management to act quickly if necessary.

You get a comprehensive view of your customers.

In a traditional retail chain, at the end of the day, each store location uploads files to the head office. This type of setup frequently results in missing or incomplete customer information. Retailers can get more value from their data by storing all customer information in one database and allowing associates in different locations to access it in real-time.

Wrapping it up

Unified commerce assists in overcoming today’s challenges in providing customers with the shopping experiences they expect. Contact MetaOption to learn how the unified commerce retail platform LS Central can help your retail business become more efficient and profitable. LS Central provides you with a real-time, complete view of your business. However, since data alone does not guarantee effective decision-making, it’s included intelligent functionality to make your data work for you. Also, When you use LS Central, you can integrate out of the box with market-leading eCommerce platforms including Magento, and Dynamicweb. The ready-made integration makes setup easier and faster and ensures that two-way communication between the systems always works in real-time, even when the systems are updating.

For more information and a tailored demonstration contact us today at MetaOption.

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