Dispelling Three Myths About Why Microsoft Dynamics Users Should Not Attend Summit NA This Year

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Community Summit North America 2022 is the world's largest independent gathering of the Microsoft business applications ecosystem. This year's Summit will be held at the Gaylord Palms in Orlando, Florida, on October 10-13. Summit is unique in being designed for users by users to help everyone get the most out of their Microsoft applications. Over 350 knowledgeable speakers will lead 500 educational sessions.

But some Microsoft Dynamics users and partners wonder - with the recessed economy, inflation, budget freezes, fewer workers, etc., is such a large, in-person event still a good idea?

It's a decision you must make for your company. But let us dispel three of the myths that may be causing hesitation.

  • Myth #1: We've all figured out now how to learn online. Reading or online training will be as effective as attending a live event.
  • Myth #2: It's too expensive. Our budget can't handle it.
  • Myth #3: We can't spare any of our staff for the week. Everyone will fall behind, and our business will suffer.

I asked John Siefert and Pam Misialek from Dynamic Communities for their response to these myths.

Myth #1 - Isn't online learning just as good?

John Siefert said, "We operate in an online world. Workers want the availability of on-demand content so they can learn on their time, at their pace. Still, there is something special about learning in person, conversing with peers, reconnecting, and putting names to faces.

There will always be a need for some level of face-to-face meeting and in-person connection. That's especially so when it comes to hands-on training and getting a real-world perspective. The sessions are led and attended by users who have been where you are now and can share their experiences and expertise.

There is a human element to in-person events that can get lost when you're just streaming content. People often have questions or different views. In person, they can express their concerns and ask about the technology, implementation, and best practices. They can have a more in-depth conversation than would be feasible on Zoom or through emails. They can pull aside Amber Bell or Steve Chinsky, or other expert presenters and explain what challenges they are facing. They can ask for practical advice that will benefit their entire team. That all happens at the tech medic booths located next to the education programming throughout the event. The medic booths are popular because many desire to ask questions privately, without everyone else listening."

Pam Misialek added, "Online learning doesn't work well for some because their world is too busy; they can't focus. At home, they have IMs, their dogs, and their families. It's hard to concentrate and dig deep into a topic.

At Summit, they can get some tips and tricks and go deep, reduce the complexity, and learn the hard stuff. They need that time away, focused on their field, to fully concentrate.

You can get tips on how to use Excel better or do AP automation and automate the account's payroll process at home. But at Summit, you can also get ideas on how to re-engineer your entire company, to reduce the complexity so the business can thrive.

People are coming to Summit because they don't want to mess around with trying to patch things together by learning online things that aren't making them as productive as they could be."

Myth #2 - Too expensive to attend the event?

John Siefert commented, "We are helping make it as feasible as possible for people to join us. We've brought registration pricing back down to 2018 levels for the event. We're spending more for all the things that go into the event. But we're absorbing those losses to try to do the right thing for the community by lowering costs.

We are also optimizing and curating the sessions this year so that no matter where you are in your Microsoft journey, we can make it easy for you to see a return on your investment.

The curation is around products, Dynamics GP or Dynamics 365, F&O. But we also consider where you are in the process. For example:

  • Are you investigating this platform for your business?
  • Are you new to the platform or migrating within the family of products?
  • Are you seeking to optimize your current system?
  • Is your skillset beginner, intermediate, or advanced?

True, attendees can spend a few days and approximately $3,000, including travel expenses. But with this focus on 'for user by user' sessions, they will return with knowledge that will significantly increase ROI."

Myth #3 – Too many people out of the office?

Pam Misialek weighs in on this one and says, "Summit is the must-go event for Microsoft Dynamics users. It is the one place where you can accelerate your ability to make positive changes. And you can do it in a week, rather than attending numerous online webinars and training sessions for months.

You can do that all with the right people in the right place. You can all get all the knowledge. Then you go to the medic and get advice like, 'Hey, this is an excellent plan for what you're trying to do.' Go to the ISVs and get solutions to your unique challenges. Regroup with your team between sessions, collaborate, and make strategic plans.

Don't know if you can go to Summit because you had five people, now have three, and can't afford new hires.? My take is that you need to go. Learn how to reduce the complexity of your processes, and you won't need so many people.

Let your systems work for you rather than working for your systems. Summit could be the strategic event that brings change to your organization. Learn to make the most of your Microsoft Dynamics investment. And give your team the tools they need to move your business forward."

Will you attend Summit NA?

Summit promises to meet you where you are in your Microsoft journey. Summit is for you if you are investigating Dynamics for the first time or need advanced skills to optimize your investment. Indeed, no matter your knowledge or skill set, you, your team, and your business will benefit from Summit.

You can find Summit NA prices, FAQs, and how to register at https://www.summitna.com.

The companies exhibiting at Summit this year include many of our own ERP Software Blog members.

43 ERP Software Blog Members You Can Visit at Summit NA in Orlando

I look forward to seeing you at Community Summit NA in Orlando, Florida, on October 10-13, 2022

By Anya Ciecierski, ERP Software Blog Writer, www.erpsoftwareblog.com

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