Ways to collaborate and share reports and dashboards in Power BI

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Ways to collaborate and share reports and dashboards in Power BIIn today’s digital environment, data is the secret to dominating the competition. The concept of Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Visualization is very well known for offering business organizations practical, data-driven services, and new and more engaging BI technologies daily. This theory states that Power BI is a relevant BI tool for modern businesses all over the world. Firstly, let’s talk about Power BI reports and dashboards.

About Power BI Reports and Dashboards

A Power BI report is a multi-perspective view of a data model that includes visualizations that illustrate different conclusions and insights. A report may contain a single visualization or many on a single page. It depends on your position, you might review and research reports or write them for other people. Power BI reporting services also include the power to share reports and dashboards.

A Power BI Dashboard is a single page, also referred to as a canvas, where visualizations are used to tell a narrative. Because a dashboard is only one page long, it simply includes the story’s highlights. Readers can visit related reports for further details.

Ways to Share Power BI Reports and Dashboards

Sharing Power BI reports and dashboards can be done in various ways. Some of the methods that enable businesses in sharing Power BI reports and dashboards are:

Collaborate in a Workspace

Teams must have access to the same documents when working together to properly cooperate. In Power BI workspaces, dashboards, reports, datasets, and workbooks are shared and maintained. Also, Power BI users can set up workspaces for certain projects or arrange them according to organizational hierarchies. Whereas it is based on the objectives and requirements of the organization, Power BI reports and dashboards are shared. Other organizations store distinct versions of reports or dashboards in several workspaces. Sharing Power BI reports and dashboards enable staff to access all project-related information.

Share Information Through an App

To enable sharing Power BI reports or dashboards with a sizable number of individuals in your business, you established a workspace with your teammates and utilized it to develop dashboard, reports, and datasets. Also, now you can select which dashboards and reports to distribute as an app to a group or your entire business.

Collaborate in Microsoft Teams

You can improve data-driven collaboration in your company by embedding Power BI reports and Power BI paginated reports in Microsoft Teams. The Power BI service has a Chat in Teams button for reports. Also, for each report, you may make a distinct Power BI tab with the name of the report or any other name.

Create and distribute template apps.

Microsoft AppSource frequently contains template apps, which are designed to be distributed publicly. You can construct an app and deliver it with little to no coding to any Power BI customer. Customers create accounts and have access to their data. They have access to the data, reports, and dashboards, and sharing Power BI dashboard and reports is also made easier.

Embed with Secure Portals

It is possible to embed Power BI reports in portals or websites so that your users can view them. Using the Power BI service’s Embed feature and the Embed option in SharePoint Online, you may safely embed reports for your internal users. Regardless of the choice, you select, Power BI enforces all rights and data protection before users may access the content. The necessary license must be held by the person who is seeing the report.


The various strategies and techniques discussed in this article can be used to distribute Power BI reports and dashboard. Additionally, it gives a brief description of Power BI reports and dashboards.

For data analytics and visualization for your business data, Power BI is a fantastic tool. Also, to analyze the data, you may need to transfer it from several sources to your PowerBI account. For this procedure, developing an internal solution could be costly and time-consuming.

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