VicinityFood Integrates with Genesis R&D for Comprehensive Food Processing and Manufacturing Software

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Do you currently use ESHA Genesis R&D for food processing, and does your team wants to automate across different departments?  VicinityFood is the solution you need to streamline your business and help you grow.

Food manufacturers and processors have many departments.  Each department may have specialized software to address its needs and handle its processes.  Problems arise when disconnected software makes it difficult to keep teams on the same page with a cohesive data flow.

Genesis R&D from ESHA is the top provider of nutrition data calculations and labeling software.  ESHA’s nutrition database is a powerful tool for gathering comprehensive nutrition data.  While it is excellent for some aspects of production, Genesis R&D provides little support for production tracking and processing.  It also fails to accommodate advanced formula management when multiple formula versions exist for various production ranges.

VicinityFood is a single food ERP software system that is flexible enough to manage all of your daily operations and take into account different recipes and multiple batches.

Vicinity Software specializes in batch and formula manufacturing and will track various formula versions and provide limited inventory monitoring.  Vicinity offers food manufacturing companies a cohesive, scalable software product and a hands-on integration approach.  VicinityFood can streamline, simplify, and expedite your food manufacturing operations.

Vicinity Food Processing, Manufacturing and Food Labeling Compliance Software provides the following benefits:

  • Improved material requirements planning
  • Detailed cost analysis
  • Streamlined scheduling
  • Quality data incorporation
  • Tools for complex reporting requirements
  • Integration with Genesis R&D

Integrating with your Genesis R&D allows you to incorporate your reliable data and formulation controls into your ERP system with Vicinity Software.

You’ll get more out of all your tools when they complement and work in sync with each other.  Integrating Genesis R&D’s nutritional database with your ERP streamlines data entry and formula development.  You can incorporate Genesis R&D’s components or raw materials data into Vicinity when performing trials and developing or scaling formulas for production.

Rather than separate solutions for each department, you’ll have an integrated solution that can keep all team members up to date with the real-time data they need for a smooth operation.

Integration gives you access to:

  • The most current nutrition data
  • Updated costs of materials
  • Lot numbers
  • Tracking of changes across different generations of formulas

Data sharing between departments with VicinityFood Software and Genesis R&D will speed up your processes and increase accuracy throughout your organization.  You’ll eliminate the need to update disparate systems manually.  When a formula is complete, the information goes back into Genesis R&D for use in creating and completing the label requirements.  The process is smooth and direct between Genesis R&D, Vicinity Software, and your ERP.

VicinityFood with Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides food manufacturers with the complete ERP system they need.  Our food manufacturing software solution grows as you grow, allowing you to unify your business departments, improve operations and drive sustainable growth.

If you’d like to know more about VicinityFood software for food manufacturers, contact our team today to ask questions or schedule a demo.

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