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The switch from one ERP system to another is an infrequent undertaking for companies, as investments of time and money for the new implementation can be quite taxing. However, when the current ERP system is weighing the business down, there is no better option than to migrate.

Dynamics GP and NAV are legacy ERP solutions that organizations still use to sustain their businesses with quality. Slowly but surely, companies are moving to cloud-based ERP solutions.

Here are the top reasons why Dynamics 365 Business Central is the most sought-after solution:

  1. Great user experience: An exemplary user interface paves the way to a great user experience, and Dynamics 365 Business Central achieves this with a renovated, easy-to-use UI. Dynamics GP and NAV users will undoubtedly need time to adapt to Dynamics 365 Business Central, but the improvement in productivity that comes with the upgrade is impressive.
  2. Microsoft's innovative cycles: A solution without periodic upgrades will quickly become unusable. Microsoft always brings upgrades to their applications. Since their takeover of Navision in 2002, updates have been regularly released, contributing to the innovation quotient. Dynamics 365 Business Central's line-up of new releases ensure that businesses stay updated.
  3. Web access: Dynamics 365 Business Central provides flexibility to access the business system on any device and OS such as Windows, iOS, and Linux.
  4. Customizable solutions: The cloud-based ERP solution paves the way for customer-centric customizations and modules. Business Central can create separate extensions and is a flexible platform that delivers results when there are changes in business requirements.
  5. Cloud migration made simple: It is a safe way to move the cloud. With enhanced security protection from unauthorized access and greater work flexibility, D365 Business Central is a top ERP solution that businesses can rely on.
  6. Industry-specific: D365 Business Central makes it easy to apply industry-specific technology with the help of add-on applications such as MetaADCS WMS, MetaDOCS, and Meta Quality Control. Systems are customizable and enable extensive functionalities that can support growth and business potential.

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Advantages of moving from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central:

  1. Big data management: With Dynamics 365 BC, data is stored in the cloud; this strengthens the analytics and reporting aspects. Power BI—embedded within BC and Azure—work together to store and manage large volumes of data.
  2. Use of advanced technology: A mix of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence makes Business Central one of the best ERP solutions. The functionalities of AI and ML help companies derive the full potential of their business.
  3. Platform collaboration: The power platform and Business Central are integrated to improve customer engagement. Office 365 heightens the efficiency of the overall business. The integration allows users to build no-code apps, visualize data, and automate business processes with real-time data retrieval.
  4. Automatic updates: Without proper upgrades, the ERP is prone to cause business downfall. To avoid this, Business Central provides automatic upgrades, monitoring, and management whenever new features or functionalities are available.

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Advantages of Migrating from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central:

  1. Support ends soon: NAV support is slowly coming to an end; once the mainstream support ends, there will no longer be updates or advancements with the NAV solution. However, Dynamics 365 business Central has much to offer with timely updates and release waves.
  2. Seamless technology integration: Dynamics 365 Business Central is an application within Office 365 that creates the best environment for integration with the Microsoft Product Stack. For example, it includes Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, and the web API framework.
  3. Financial compliance: Older ERP solutions risk not following up-to-date financial regulations. With BC, there is reassurance that the regulations are current and fully compliant.
  4. Avoids downtime: When the ERP system becomes old, there is a massive probability of increased crashes. Business Central avoids these crashes and steers clear of unexpected downtime.

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Trained and certified help for the best Dynamics 365 Business Central migration with DemandDynamics.

If your company anticipates a Business Central migration, seek a Microsoft Gold partner who can perfect the process and solution for you. DemandDynamics is a Certified Microsoft Gold partner with deep experience with numerous migrations, especially Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Our team of migration experts takes time to understand your business, its requirements, and customer base to plan a migration that fits.

The most popular aspect of collaborating with DemandDynamics is the on-demand services. When you require assistance, you can use the service, and you only need to pay for the used time. On-demand services replace the traditional subscription method and are much more convenient as it demands zero commitments.

Contact one of our experts to learn more about how migration to Dynamics 365 Business Central can help your business.

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