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Learn how TiM time tracking Add-on for Dynamics 365 by HandsFree increases revenue for professionals.


Time is the most valuable asset we have. In fact, it’s so valuable that for many professional service companies, the only product they sell is their time. Do you (or your company) bill for your time?

Many feel that tracking time is one of the most tedious and undesirable activities in their workday. For that reason, some put it off or even make figures up. And no wonder! Traditional approaches to time-tracking involve complicated timesheets or separate software solutions that cost you time as you switch apps and try to work with an unfamiliar interface – when you actually remember to do it.

TiM takes a progressive new approach. We leave complicated timesheets and separate applications behind, letting you work right from the app that you use the most – day in and day out – Microsoft Outlook.

See how TiM stacks up against competing solutions in our Time Tracking Battlecard. We think you’ll agree that TiM has a number of advantages over its rivals and is the right solution for your needs.

However, a simple comparison against other apps doesn’t tell the whole story. Read on to see how our solution solves real problems in today’s workplace.

Time-Tracking Troubles Solved with Dynamics 365

In this ever-changing, always-on business landscape, professionals face numerous challenges each day, such as the following:

  • With a packed schedule, it’s hard to remember what was done earlier today. It’s even harder to remember the activity of the last few days or weeks.
  • Remembering the activity is hard; attributing it to a client for billing is even harder.
  • The mind is focused on work; remembering to turn on the timer just doesn’t happen.
  • Recording activity on a timesheet is tedious because it’s not how one naturally thinks of time.
  • Using yet another platform, window, or application for timesheet approval takes yet more time.
  • Keeping teammates up to date on billable hours spent is another annoyance. To overcome it, some just make it up so they can move on.

Super-Simple Solutions from a Dynamics 365 Time Tracking Add-on

TiM answers those challenges with real solutions, easing the struggle and allowing professionals to keep their focus on the work at hand.

  • TiM can be configured to automatically capture the time you spend in each application you use for work.
  • Upon closing a document or workspace, TiM can prompt you to assign a project to the now-completed activity while it is still fresh in mind.
  • Since TiM is watching your activity in the background, whatever isn’t specified goes into an “uncategorized” section for your review. This is your hidden gold mine – more billable hours!
  • Some activities – such as writing and responding to emails – are essential to the success of a project, yet routinely forgotten. Never forget to bill for that time again!
  • TiM lives right next to your Outlook Calendar, making it easy to drag and drop.
  • Post your time with just two clicks. From there it passes straight to your manager, or your ERP software.
  • Instead of a timesheet, TiM uses timeboxing. You can see the gaps in your day and more easily remember what happened there so you can fill those gaps in.

Admittedly, there are many solutions out there trying to tame the time-tracking beast. TiM takes a fresh, user-centric approach – one that fits the needs of everyday users all the way up to the CEO of an enterprise-level company. Whether you bill 100 hours per month, or 1 million, TiM’s Outlook-based, ERP-integrated, timeboxing approach is easy to install, configure, and use.

Would you like to learn more? Check out this short video, and contact us today so we can introduce you to TiM and let him help you find all those lost dollars (unbilled time) and drop them right back into your bottom line.

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