No more manual entries! 5 features for professional services

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Double data entries plague many professional services firms. By having to rely on manual processes, the risk of erroneous or duplicated data increases, not to mention that your employees waste time on fastidious processes when they could instead focus their energy where it’s really needed. These five features will help your professional services eliminate double data entries for accurate information, streamlined processes, and better decisions.

Integrated timesheets

With a timesheet application integrated to projects, the information entered by employees is pushed automatically to the project module. This means that project managers have access to accurate details as soon as they become available, without having to reenter the information into the system.

Automated invoicing

Look for an invoicing module specifically designed for professional services. By automating rate calculations, you will cut down on manual processes. This will free up your financial team and accelerate your invoicing cycle, ensuring that invoices are sent to clients in a timely manner.

Real-time reports

Accurate, real-time data is essential for professional services firms, but obtaining the reports you need can be a struggle. Managers often have to request the information from other departments, and by the time they obtain the reports, the information is already out of date. By automating your processes, you can get the reports you need instantly.

Resource planning

A resource planning module should be essential for professional services firms to optimize their employees’ workloads and utilization rates. Instead of manually going over your employees’ schedule, benefit from visibility on their availabilities and manage your projects more efficiently.

Estimation module

Instead of having to create your quotes and estimates manually, an integrated estimation module can help you build your estimates with the data that has already been entered into your project module. This way, there’s no need to enter the same information more than once, and the documents submitted to your clients will be up-to-date and accurate.

Just these five features can greatly cut down on manual processes and double entries. Look for a fully integrated project-based management platform such as JOVACO Project to benefit from features specifically designed for professional services firms. The members of your staff will then be able to focus on tasks where their skills are most valuable instead of wasting time on manual entries. For more information, read our article to learn how professional services firms can solve their pain points with a project management solution.

By JOVACO Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics ERP specialists in Quebec


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