How to Choose the Right ERP Consultant for Your Business?

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If you want to implement ERP software for your business to centralize the data and make business management easy, you must contact an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Consultant to understand the exact requirements of the business. 

Every business owner knows their business and understands its requirements. Whether it is manpower, business development, or technology requirement, they know it better than anyone. But implementing any change in a new or existing system is a risky decision to take. There are 50:50 chances of success and failure. In such scenarios, the consultants or specialists come into the role that extends the possibility of success. Such consultants are the experts in any domain who can guide the organization to make a wise decision with a minimal amount of risk.

In this article, we are going to cover all about an ERP consultant - its roles, capabilities, and benefits for an organization.

An ERP Consultant

What is an ERP Consultant?

An ERP consultant is a specialist or professional of a particular domain who can understand the business requirement, listen to your needs, and guide the organization with a suitable ERP software solution. Such professionals can be individuals or from an organization, but their sole purpose is to determine the exact needs of the client and the business after measuring various parameters. Thereafter, they find suitable ERP software and modify or implement it as per the organization's demands. 

The ERP solution consultants can be from any field of information technology with years of working experience in solving queries of small and mid-sized organizations. These people not only provide consultation but also provide support for uninterrupted business management flow. 

Role of an ERP Consultant 

The role of an ERP solution consultant is to find the issues with the business management and provide the right solution to make the business processes more efficient and productive. The consultant must understand the customer's need, its technical details, and functional capabilities to customize and modify the ERP.  

From zero to one, the consultant is responsible for guiding the decision maker in understanding the ERP requirement and thus providing a suitable solution. The ERP consulting firm or ERP consultancy is not only responsible for implementing the ERP but also responsible for providing upgrades and support whenever needed. 

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Types of ERP Consultants 

There are various functionalities in ERP, so the consultants are. Mostly, for the main function, there exists a specialist to resolve queries, respectively. There are five types of ERP consultants, which are discussed below: 

ERP Functional Consultant 

The job of an ERP functional Consultant is to analyze the existing business as per the ERP and address the possible changes or any new implementation in the existing system. The changes will take place eventually, but it is not obvious that changes will impact in a good manner.  

The ERP functional consultant analyses the given data based on years of experience and industry standards and guides the business towards profitability, scalability, and ease the business management. 

ERP Implementation Consultant 

The ERP implementation consultant is responsible is to understand the requirements of an organization and implementing a new ERP or changes in existing ERP software successfully. At first, the consultant identifies the ERP needs and assesses the business with a suitable solution. From start to end, the specialist makes sure of timely and accurate Implementation of the entire system without any error. Even though errors occur during the implementation, the consultant still has to deal with them and resolve them on time. 

ERP Software Consultant 

The ERP software consultant works to customize and maintain the existing ERP software as per changing needs of the user or the business. This job is different from a functional and Implementation consultant. Also, they can modify the current system to increase the performance, functions, and features. The software consultant focuses on optimizing the existing ERP software to get the most out of it, irrespective of whether the consultant is linked with any ERP consultancy or an ERP consulting firm. 

ERP Finance Consultant 

To deal with issues of finance and accounting modules of an ERP software system, the finance consultant comes into play. These consultants are specialists in the finance and accounting field and provide the best and most comprehensive solutions for such modules on time. This is mostly for such organizations that are mostly dependable on Finance ERPs. 

ERP Technical Consultant 

The work of the ERP consultant is to provide technical support to the customer in dealing with ERP software technical issues. While working with various organizations, they have sound knowledge about the industry and the suitable ERP solution that works best as per industry type. Not only support, but technical consultant also provides troubleshooting and error-finding services to complex systems too. 

How to Choose the Right ERP Consultant? 

Choosing the right consultant requires a lot of research and measuring several expectations, whether it is the expertise or the experience of the consultant. Some are specialized in one domain of ERP software and others in different domains. The users have to find one who has expertise in the concerned issues, whether it is a financial or a technical issue. Also, the consultant must have knowledge of the industry and the resources needed to resolve an issue, like Dynamics Square. Being one of the trusted Microsoft Gold partners in the UK, we are one of the right ERP solution consultants for growing organizations to provide better ERP solutions efficiently. 

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