Dynamics NAV Support Partner: 7 Point Checklist to Consider Before Choosing

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In the journey of selecting the right Microsoft Dynamics NAV support Partner, businesses have to make many critical decisions that affect the overall growth. Such businesses also struggle in deciding on implementing new features, upgrading the system, integrating new functions, customization existing features, and more.

Dynamics NAV Support Partner

Whether choosing the right Dynamics NAV support partner or upgrading the existing NAV version, the success of any such scenario depends on your vendor partner or an ERP consultant. If your partner lacks expertise or experience in dealing with ERP issues, your ERP system will eventually fail.

A perfectly implemented ERP software solution can give the best result and more benefits you have ever imagined. If not, it will restrict the existing processes from running perfectly and hinder the organization's growth.

From selecting the suitable ERP to customizing it as per business needs, the vendor partner plays the most crucial role and curves the software towards effectiveness and scalability.

Dynamics NAV is a widely used ERP software solution in most countries due to its simple user interface and ease of accessibility. It is the best choice for any industry type regarding the best ERP software solution. Also, it can be customized as per the business requirement and upgraded as per updated ways of business management. The organization must research, check parameters, analyze the portfolio, check the price, and measure more parameters before choosing the right NAV support partner. Taking a wrong decision can cost you a lot in terms of money and resources.

Here is a 7-point checklist to consider before selecting the right Navision support partner:

#1. Product Knowledge

You require a partner who is aware of the advantages, disadvantages, features, functions, and specifications of your ERP software solution, whether NAV or another. It would be best to search for those NAV support vendors who has the product knowledge and specialize in resolving similar problems you are facing. Before choosing the right Dynamics NAV support partner, you need to ask a few questions, like

  • Can your Dynamics ERP partner fulfill requests for NAV support services?
  • Is the quotation appropriate as per the problem and given solution?
  • Do they provide training after providing a solution to understand the solution better?

#2. Industrial Experience

The NAV support partner must have respected industrial experience to understand and resolve the issues in no time. Before finalizing the partner, you must analyze the number of businesses or industries Microsoft Dynamics partner has worked with. If the partner has worked with the related businesses, you must check the kind of work or issues the partner has resolved.

With a similar experience of resolving issues in a related industry, the support partner would have the upper hand in understanding the issues and resolving them instantly. Such partners easily understand the problem, its impact and considerably provide a high-impact solution.

#3. Work Transparency

Submitting the solution before the deadline is the most critical thing that all organizations are concerned about. You must look for a Navision support partner who understands the project schedule, goals, and timeline. Businesses should avoid support partners who keep the whole work in the dark with no timely updates and work reports.

Additionally, don't choose one that continually waits for your approval to complete even a single task. The partner must be credible for their work, whether a hands-on or hand-off solution. Pick a partner who can support you in the way that best suits your business needs.

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#4. Customer Support

Implementing the ERP software solution in an organization is just the beginning of the process. After this, organizations need training and understanding to operate the solution better. Even the organizations must need support and training in working and optimizing the processes using ERP. Before selecting a Navision support partner, resolve such simple queries from the vendor.

#5. Scalability Approach

Processes grow with time, and so does the business. You must check your ERP support partner about the availability of the scalability process, whether they can help you expand the processes or not. If yes, what are their terms, and how will they approach you during such conditions?

#6. Previous Projects

Check the portfolio or Dynamics 365 case studies of the Navision support partner to analyze the businesses they have worked with. If case studies are available, you can read them to learn more about the kind of issues they had resolved. Checking the previous projects might help you decide faster whether you must opt for a specific partner or not.

#7. Customer Reviews

This is the most important thing you need to check at the end. If the investment is big, you must contact the owners of the previous project to know about the support and service provided by the NAV partner. Also, you must double check the reviews whether original or fake.

How to Choose the Right Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner?

Choosing the right Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner requires a lot of research and measuring several parameters, like expertise and experience of Dynamics NAV support partner. Some are specialized in one domain and others in different domains.

The organizations have to find one who has expertise in resolving concerned issues, whether it is a small or a large. Also, the NAV support partner must have knowledge of the industry and the resources needed to resolve an issue, like Dynamics Square. Being one of the trusted Microsoft Gold partners in the UK, we are one of the right Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner choices for growing organizations. Call +44 207 193 2502 or email info@dynamicssquare.co.uk to book a free consultation.

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