Basic Email Authentication will be gone soon, are you ready?

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MFA Updates for Dynamics GP

Microsoft has been warning us for some time that Basic Authentication is being deprecated and replaced with Modern Authentication effective October 1, 2022.  Modern Authentication is more secure and offers Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).  Unfortunately, when this was first introduced, Dynamics GP wasn’t capable of utilizing MFA which impacts email and workflow functionality.   Thankfully, with the release of Dynamics GP 18.3 (October 2020 Release), this functionality was added.  And the most recent release of GP 18.4.1436 (March 2022) has improved this feature.

ACE wants to be sure you are prepared for this change.  And the deadline is quickly approaching.  In order to know if there is anything you need to do, please review the following:

  • Are you using workflow or emailing any documents from your Dynamics GP company(ies) (i.e., remittances, invoices, etc.)?
    • If yes, this change could impact you significantly.
    • If no, you will not be affected.
  • Are you running Office 365 (aka Exchange Online)?
    • If yes, you could be impacted by this change
    • If no, you may still be impacted by this change. Let ACE know and we can discuss in more detail.
  • What version of Dynamics GP are your currently running?
    • If you are running Dynamics GP 18.4.1436 you are on the correct version to allow MFA with Dynamics GP, so no change is necessary.
    • If you are running Dynamics GP 18.3 you are also on the correct version to allow MFA. HOWEVER, there are some serious MFA issues in this version that cause errors when emailing.  These have been fixed in 18.4.1436 so ACE highly recommends updating to the latest release.
    • If you are running Dynamics GP 18.2 or older, you will no longer have the ability to email or use workflow notifications from Dynamics GP. You will need to upgrade to the latest release ASAP.
  • Are you using a third-party email tool for Dynamics GP, like Liaison Messenger, Binary Stream Email Manager, Integrity Data, Accountable, or others?
    • If no, you still need to assess your environment per the above bullet points.
    • If yes, some of these have their own protocols that will not be impacted by the deprecation of Basic Authentication. Others are affected.  ACE Micro can help determine this for you.

Here’s more information that may help you determine what you need to do:

>Dynamics GP and Modern Authentication (video)

>Multi-Factor Authentication

It’s critical that you determine quickly what your situation is. 

If you need help with the assessment or with a GP Update, ACE Micro is here to assist!

2 thoughts on “Basic Email Authentication will be gone soon, are you ready?”

  1. Cornelis Hendrik Iestra

    I have a problem receiving emails on my email program. I can send emails, but I cannot receive emails. I can however receive email with outlook. My email provider Loopia in Sweden has office365 as email server. I don’t like outlook and would like to use the Bat which is my email program. How can I solve this problem?

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