5 Signs You’re Ready to Move from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics 365BC

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Is your business growing? Congratulations. Perhaps QuickBooks has served you well as a startup accounting software system. But now that you’ve grown, should you move to a more robust solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (365BC)? How can you tell when the time is right? We’ve identified five telltale signs that the time is right to move up to Dynamics 365BC.

When your business grows with increased transactions and more complex business processes, it’s time for some strategic decisions. An option you should consider is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It’s a scalable solution that will continue to grow with your business and help you overcome QuickBooks’ limitations.

Here are the 5 signs that it’s time to switch:
Challenge 1: You merge multiple data documents to generate necessary reports

You’ve used pre-set report templates and maybe some basic customizations to get the reports you need. That probably worked well when your teams were smaller and had time to perform certain tasks manually. You could export data and view it in Excel spreadsheets. But as your business grows and requests for data increase, you’re having trouble consolidating it and generating useful reports.

How Dynamics 365BC can help:

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based reporting tool that eliminates the need to export datasets from multiple sources. You don’t need to manipulate data each time manually. Dynamics 365BC will pull data from your systems and databases, map relations between systems, and display the data in real-time. The process is fully automated, freeing your team from tedious admin duties.

Challenge 2: You need additional process automation and audit trails

As your business expands, there is an increasing need for concrete audit trails. You need to follow actual transactions, not just keep track of documents. Users deleting historical data can cause issues in other departments if tasks are segregated without controls.

How Dynamics 365BC can help:

Dynamics 365BC gives you a complete audit trail with an entire transactional history, including date, time, and user stamps. When anything is posted, changed, or approved, you can track it back to its origin easily. This tracking also applies to uploading and linking original documents, such as vendor invoices.

Challenge 3: You are logging over one thousand transactions per day.

Your database will continue to grow with your business. When the number of transactions outgrows the capabilities of your system, everything slows down. Your team needs a solution with the capacity to handle and store increased transactions and have them available on-demand. If your system has trouble keeping up now, it will only worsen and hinder further growth.

How Dynamics 365BC can help:

Dynamics 365BC is a complete cloud-based solution hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform. Your cloud provider will furnish all the storage space you need. Also, with cloud-based ERP, there will be no ongoing maintenance for physical database space on local servers. You can store unlimited data without slowing processes or affecting performance.

Challenge 4: You have expanded to multi-currency or multi-company

Does your company plan to expand to multi-currency or multi-enterprise operations? Will you have more than one legal entity? If so, you need enhanced capabilities. You don’t want your team to use numerous spreadsheets to calculate these transactions and enter them manually into your system. That’s an open door to potential error and wasted time.

How Dynamics 365BC can help:

Dynamics 365BC can support a global multi-company business while still handling localized taxes and reporting. Intercompany and consolidation capabilities give you total visibility of your organization. Additional features can be turned on as needed to accommodate multiple currencies and over 30 languages.

Challenge 5: Employees are struggling to adapt the system to your changing needs

Without the robust tools and processes you need, your employees may find it faster and easier to work around your system rather than in your system. Information may reside in someone’s inbox or desktop rather than in the software. That makes it difficult to research transactions.

How Dynamics 365BC can help:

Your teams are familiar with Microsoft products; they use them every day. Dynamics 365BC seamlessly integrates with Outlook, Excel, Word, and Teams. Collaboration is effortless, and your staff will have no trouble adopting the new solution.

Are you ready to investigate Microsoft Dynamics 365BC?

If your growing business faces any of these 5 challenges, it’s a good time to think about moving to Microsoft Dynamics 365BC. As a Microsoft Partner, our experts at Bam Boom Cloud are here to help you. Bam Boom Cloud America is the global Business Central partner focused 100% on SMBs.

Take the first step by watching this engaging video.

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