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Most SMEs – like yours – don’t have millions of dollars to invest in designing advanced, proprietary inventory forecasting, supply chain management and management solutions like the big guys do. However, that doesn’t mean you’re at a disadvantage. Netstock is helping thousands of up-and-coming enterprises to effectively manage inventory with powerfully simple demand planning software that integrates with your existing ERP solution, providing you with deep insight to help you make intelligent, data-driven business decisions.

Get an overview of how Netstock is helping companies like yours manage inventory with ERP add-on software solutions in the following video:

WATCH: Netstock is a proven leader in inventory optimization

Video Transcription

Inventory is where your business comes to life. But delivering what your customers want is more complex than ever. Changing buying habits make demand volatile and unpredictable, and supply chain disruptions are here to stay.

Some companies are stuck trying to find the balance between stockouts hurting revenue and overstock tying up capital that could be used to grow. Others simply need to shore up reliable supply to meet surging demand. Industry giants are tackling the challenges with complicated tech armies of data scientists and budgets that rival a small nation's GDP. They're widening the tech gap and growing their competitive advantage.

Netstock fills this gap.

We're giving fast-growing challengers the smart inventory optimization tools to level the playing field and compete with the giants. We've done the heavy lifting for you, building a focused, sophisticated, and powerfully simple solution that's ready to use on day one.

This is technology with a point of view. Netstock automatically categorizes your inventory and gives you prioritized actions on the most important items for your business. See your inventory holding, predict demand and supply risk, and order and plan with confidence.

Netstock seamlessly layers on top of your ERP system, creating an intelligent inventory command center with all your KPIs in a single dashboard. No more manual data aggregation!

Move from planning and ordering on experienced hunches to precise and granular forecasting that turns planning and replenishment into a simple science. Break down silos to make sure inventory planning is synchronized and synergized with sales, marketing, finance, and operations.

It's time to democratize data-driven decision-making to conquer the complexity of the modern supply chain, to out-plan unpredictability, unlock the business intelligence hiding in your inventory data, and use it to catalyze your growth.

Netstock Helps You Stabilize Your Supply Chain for Future Growth

As was mentioned in the video, supply chain disruptions – and other challenges – are here to stay. Thus, the decisions you make today can have a large impact on future growth: growing revenue or growing operating costs.

If you’ve been struggling to cope with the constant change that has become the norm in this post-pandemic business landscape, we invite you to attend our webinar:

Build a Recession-Proof Strategy for Your Supply Chain – Thursday, July 14, 2022, at 10AM ET

Learn from a panel of supply chain experts, and get pointers on how to:

  • Classify your inventory and reduce inventory holding costs
  • Measure supplier performance and manage lead times
  • Run a healthy S&OP process and align supply with demand
  • Review your tools to minimize risk and improve demand planning

Register now to attend this free session and see how getting control of your inventory is the first step to future success.

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