How warehouse management mobile app supports License Plate Receiving

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How warehouse management mobile app supports License Plate ReceivingWarehouses are able to optimize their space and business operations properly if they have proper knowledge of their stock inventory. License plating can be look in both inbound and outbound processes. Shipments leaving facilities can be wrapup for efficient transactions and warehouses receiving shipments can easily group products together. Also, it reduces the number of scans required and overall time spent in processing orders. License Plating allows users to syndicate multiple warehouse items, including serial numbers and lot numbers, into one license plate number (LPN) to simplify the transaction process. Here in this blog, we will discuss the License plate receiving via the warehouse management app and how this feature improves options for the license plate receiving (and put away) processes.

Warehousing mobile device app processing

When an operator scans an incoming license plate ID, the system sets a License-PlateReceiving process. Based on this data, the data of the license plate received from the ASN gets manually registered at the inbound dock location. The flows that follow will depend on your business process needs.

License plate receiving: Work policies with work creation

When you register incoming items using a work policy that generates work, the system generates and saves put-away work records for each registration. If you use the License plate receiving and put away the work process, then registration and put away are controlling a single operation using a single mobile device menu item.

License plate receiving: Work policies without work creation

You can use the License-Plate-Receiving process without creating work. If you describe work policies that have a work order type of Transfer receipt and/or POs. So that you easily can use the process for License plate receiving (and putaway). The following two Warehousing mobile app processes won’t create work. Instead, they will register the inbound physical inventory on the license plate at the inbound receiving dock.

  • License-Plate-Receiving
  • License-Plate-Receiving and put away

Hence, you must define at least one location for a work policy in the Inventory locations section. You can’t specify the exact location for multiple work policies. Also, the Print label option for Warehousing mobile device menu items won’t print a license plate label without work creation. To make this functionality available on systems, you must turn on the Licenseplatereceiving enhancements feature in feature management.

Add mobile device menu items for each receiving location

The License plate receiving enhancements feature lets you receive at any location in a warehouse by adding location-specific license plate receiving (and put away) menu items to the Warehousing mobile app. Earlier, the system supported receiving only at the default location defined for each warehouse. However, when this feature is turned on, mobile device menu items for License-Plate-Receiving now provide the Use default data option, which lets you select a custom “to” location for each menu item.

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