How Pelorus Uses Insight to Ensure Dynamics ERP Adoption For Clients

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Achieve Greater Return on Investment from Your ERP with Pelorus Insight.

When we make a significant investment of our hard-earned money, we expect to see significant benefits in return, right?

Imagine if you bought a brand-new luxury car. Would it make sense to pay 5 or 6 figures for the car and continue walking, taking the subway, or calling for an Uber driver to get to work, leaving your investment in the garage week after week?

Something similar is happening to countless businesses around the world. They’ve invested a large sum of money in their ERP software in the hopes of improving productivity and efficiency across the organization.

But their employees are leaving that ERP “parked in the garage” and using common desktop software, such as Microsoft Excel, to run critical business processes.

How can that happen? Here are two examples.

Spending Too Much Time Outside Dynamics ERP System

The CFO in a large organization has much to analyze in order to forecast financial conditions for the months and years ahead. Imagine if the ERP solution his company uses doesn’t produce the reports and figures he or she needs. Perhaps 10% of the day is spent searching for and downloading data from the general ledger in the ERP, but the other 90% is spent performing calculations on that data in a spreadsheet.

Next, take a trip down to the production floor. Here we find the production manager downloading customer orders, inventory balances, production orders, and other data from the ERP solution and feeding them into – you guessed it – a spreadsheet. After some number crunching the production manager decides, with a fair bit of “gut feeling” involved, how best to organize the jobs for that day. It’s a scenario so common that an often-repeated joke has emerged over the years: “ERP = Excel Runs Production.”

Shadow ERP Creeps In

When your stakeholders are spending a significant percentage of their time outside the ERP system, instead performing their daily business activities via a workaround solution, you have elements of Shadow ERP in your organization.

How do these things creep in? They are a result of a challenged ERP implementation – or even an outright failure.

It could be that the required functionality was not properly discovered and documented in the planning stage. Or perhaps the system has the functionality, but it was never configured properly, so the end-users gave up on it and made their own workarounds. Or – even more regrettable – the system does exactly what you need it to do, but because there was little or no training, your employees never learned to use it. Not to be forgotten, resistance to change impels many workers to avoid the system altogether and continue doing things the old way.

Shine a Light on Your Business Processes and ensure high user adoption of your Microsoft Dynamics ERP System.

Before you can properly address the issues that prevent you from getting a good return on your ERP investment, you need to understand the extent of your Shadow ERP epidemic.

At Pelorus, we use a unique tool called Insite. It identifies the elements of your ERP solution that are actually being used by your staff, and how they use them. It also reveals the host of other applications your employees rely on outside of the ERP to get their jobs done.

Insite catalogs and analyzes Shadow ERP components by:

  • Function
  • Individual
  • Department
  • Location
  • Process Flow

Other partners try to discover ERP weaknesses manually with lengthy, cumbersome questionnaires that can take weeks or months to complete, and are traditionally administered by newer, less experienced consultants.

With Insite, data is collected in real time, accurately and automatically, helping our experienced consultants at Pelorus to get right to the heart of what’s troubling your ERP implementation and quickly draft a plan of action to get your business processes back on track.

It’s easy to give opinions or educated guesses when meeting to make important ERP implementation, upgrade, or maintenance decisions. With our innovative approach, we leave conjecture behind and present you with real data – cold, hard facts – helping you make better decisions for greater organizational efficiency and productivity. And, of course, a greater ROI.

Are you ready to bring your ERP software – and your business – out of the shadows? Would you like to simplify and unify business processes throughout your organization by properly implementing your current ERP or selecting a solution more appropriate for your needs?

Contact us at Pelorus today and let us guide you toward a brighter tomorrow.

By Pelorus Technology,

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