5 Keys to Delivering Better AEC Projects: Maximize Project Collaboration and Communication

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From the mouth of Henry Ford… “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” Powerful, right? This is applicable in nearly every facet of business. When single members of a team all share parallel views, project collaboration and communication can thrive, therefore, the probability of the project success is at its highest.

What about when this isn’t the case? If effective project collaboration and communication is not present, individual team members, and possibly even the whole team could become distracted, off track, and could run the risk of not only a failed project, but in return…unhappy clients.

This is why healthy collaboration and communication is pivotal to delivering better AEC projects.


Enabling collaboration and communication: Free up the air


Microsoft introduced Teams to facilitate all your organization’s collaboration.  With the onset of applications like Microsoft Teams, AEC firms can internally communicate vocally all day with one-another without ever needing to touch a phone. In addition to basic communication, Teams can handle all your company’s meetings, conferences, and anything requiring screen sharing capabilities, making it the one real solution for AEC firms across the globe to thrive.

Project Operations in aec360 is exceptionally effective when directly embedded into Teams. If a PM needs to make changes to a project plan, he or she can do so from a single platform, Teams…keeping them on track and preventing time lost due to antiquated communication methods.

Coming up with custom solutions to problems within a project and sharing information so that separate teams within the project effort are all working off the same deadlines and scheduling parameters, is just a brief glimpse of the ways Teams can set up your AEC firm to experience more successful project outcomes. It’s too easy. After a project is set up in Project Operations, a PM has only to click a button to establish the Teams site for that project. Delegating work and permissions has never been easier.


Collaboration is experienced on a whole new level when you take into consideration that this entire system is available through Microsoft’s cloud. This means any of your employees who are working on the project can access all of this anytime, from anywhere. For AEC firms, project resources are typically spread out over several offices, potentially in different time zones. Project Operations and Teams makes it easy for everyone to work together in real-time.

aec360 is for more than just Project Operations

We’ve already seen the benefits of Project Operations within Teams, but the list is much longer. Nearly every area of aec360 is available to you through Teams. One we are all familiar with is the tracking of timesheets. Especially when for some projects, even when considering a single employee, different tasks are billed at different rates. Think of the benefits. If the transparency we’ve experienced from Teams in other facets of business can bleed into tasks like payroll, we can expect less errors in employees’ timesheets, and less time wasted to do so. This increased level of accuracy means fewer labor adjustments, and more consistent cashflow within your AEC firm.

The takeaway here?... aec360 and Microsoft Teams being implemented into your business will lead to more successful outcomes for your firm’s projects.





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