10 Signs You Should Consider Switching Accounting Systems

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Signs you should consider switching accounting systems

Many of us hate change. This is totally normal but at one point it is inevitable in order for your organization to move forward. One of the things that may be holding back your company is that your accounting system, it just isn't doing what you need it to do. As a Microsoft specialist in small and medium sized businesses, we have curated a list of some tell-tale signs that you are ready for a new accounting system.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  1. You spend a lot of time merging and reporting data in Excel to get the data you want (and once you are finished the data is already outdated!)
  2. You have a variety of different systems that are not integrated (so none of your numbers actually match!)
  3. Your upgrades are taking more and more time to complete
  4. You need to purchase new hardware to support your accounting system because the system is slow to complete a single tasks
  5. The system isn’t supporting new security measures
  6. You do not have access to supporting documentation within the system
  7. You have to do certain tasks manually because the system can’t do that specific task
  8. Your business processes or strategy have significantly changed
  9. The rest of your company is using Microsoft tools
  10. You curse at your business application more than 5 times a day

Did you answer "yes" to two or more of the signs above?

Then your company should probably consider making the switch to a new system.

We get it, you have probably heard horror stories about the costs and resources required. Try breaking the process down into baby steps before you even start shopping:

  • Build your list of clear objectives and vision
  • Curate your list of what is a must have versus a nice to have
  • Put it in order of your priorities

This will help you have a better idea of the scope of your project. Now, make a list of tools that you are currently using that you are going to keep. Think about your email platform, your internal communications and document storage, this will help you narrow down which product is best for you.

Where to start the process?

When you start researching, it is easy to get overwhelmed. This is the reason for the importance of your lists so that you may stay focused. By knowing what you need right now versus what you will need in the future, it will help you find the right financial system that can scale with your business.

The importance of an accounting solution that can grow with your business is because we know that the perception of an implementation can be costly and painful. It doesn’t have to be! If you start by implementing just the financial system, you have taken the first step in the right direction. This way, moving forward you just look at enhancing your system with new features, rather than re-implementation for anytime in the foreseeable future.

Here at Bam Boom Cloud, our goal is to get you up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you wait until everyone is ready and the perfect timing, that will probably never happen. By delaying the process, you are just delaying the inevitable, this is why as soon as you start feeling these growing pains you should start thinking about making the switch. Have you calculated the cost of not switching?

Don’t ignore the signs! Stop cursing at your system and take that time back in your day to invest in your future!

By, Bam Boom Cloud, specializing in small business implementations of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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